Black Chicken

These All-Black Chickens are Incredibly Rare

This black chicken, better known as the Ayam Cemani, is a rare Indonesian chicken breed that is not your average backyard chicken. This rare breed is entirely black from head to feet (and everything in between)!

According to Greenfire Farms, the Ayam Cemani is the "most unique chicken on the planet." It's found in Indonesia and its pitch black color is what's made it famous. Not only are their feathers and skin a dark hue, but their bones, muscles and organs are even black! This breed of chicken is so special it's known as the "Lamborghini of poultry." Have you ever heard of an animal having black internal organs or black bones? The fact that it has black skin and black feathers just really makes this one of the most interesting birds out there. 

Bored Panda reports that the chickens inspired some interesting Asian mythology over a thousand years ago. Back then, the Ayam Cemani chickens were the chickens of only the rich and famous. They were also known throughout Asia for having magical powers. Their blood was believed to also be black, which brought good luck as well as wealth.

Greenfire Farms actually sells these black chicken breeds to the public, but they'll set you back a pretty penny. One adult chicken has a price tag of $199, while a juvenile male or female black chicken costs a cool $400!

The farming website speaks highly of the black chickens demeanor, which is very relaxed. Although it may seem like an unwise investment to spend so much on a single chicken, many say that buyers simply want to own something rare and unique. "They want something special, with a story, something beautiful," Paul Bradshaw of Greenwood Farms told Nautilus. "That's the market we serve."

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