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Sorry Biscuitville, Bojangles Has the Best Biscuits in the South

Southerners, it is time for the hyperlocal fast food restaurant chain throwdown you didn't know you needed: Bojangles vs. Biscuitville. Let me introduce these two beloved eateries. Bojangles has been slinging scratch-made biscuits and crispy cajun fried chicken since 1977 with no intention of stopping any time soon. There are over nearly 800 locations throughout the southeastern (give or take a few in the northeast) United States, with nearly half of those restaurants operating in the state of North Carolina alone. Biscuitville specializes in (you guessed it) biscuit sandwiches and has about 60 locations. While they only operate in North Carolina and Virginia, they have a fiercely loyal fanbase. So when it comes down to Biscuitville vs Bojangles, who comes out on top?

As a native North Carolinian, I can personally attest to the massive popularity of these two chains, so I decided to do an analysis on which restaurant prevails over the other. I'm not a fan of binaries, but I will say that where I'm from, you're either a Bojangles person or a Biscuitville person. To illustrate, I remember in my hometown, someone actually had the gall to open a Biscuitville franchise right next to a Bojangles. Not just any Bojangles either because it was the good Bojangles. That poor Biscuitville had a sad, nearly always empty parking lot, and the locals did not understand why anyone would sully our home with such an inferior restaurant. That Biscuitville is no longer open, but the same Bojangles location is still standing.

Here's how it's gonna go down: I've chosen some staple items found at any southern fast food chain worth their weight to see how they stack up against each other. I will try not to let any biases affect my opinion, but hey, I'm only human.

Biscuitville vs Bojangles

Best Eggs: Biscuitville

Due to unfortunate timing with the stomach flu in the 3rd grade, I have never been a fan of those fluffy scrambled egg sheets that you get at most fast food places. Aside from the psychosomatic queasiness, Bojangles' eggs feel gelatinous in my mouth and interfere with the vibe of whatever biscuit sandwich I'm devouring. Biscuitville has fresh cracked fried eggs that I much prefer.

Best Sweet Tea: Bojangles

Bojangles has the best sweet tea of any fast food chain, and I will die on this hill even though no one has asked me to. No Tailgate Special is complete without Bojangles' Legendary Iced Tea. I've never had any memorable feelings about Biscuitville's sweet tea. It's fine, I guess, and truthfully, how a batch of sweet tea tastes can vary depending on the mood and skill of the person who made it. I'm picking Bojangles because unlike Biscuitville, they sell it by the half gallon with its own branding. Where I'm from, if you're invited to a cookout, and you can't think of anything to bring, you can never go wrong with a half gallon of sweet tea from Bojangles.

Best Side Dishes: Bojangles

Both restaurants offer a variety of side dishes. Biscuitville has your run-of-the-mill breakfast sides: country fries, grits (with or without cheese), hash browns, homestyle gravy, and oatmeal. The side dish (called Fixin's) lineup for Bojangles is nothing short of spectacular: Bo-Tato Rounds, Cajun Pintos, dirty rice, coleslaw, green beans, grits, macaroni n' cheese, and mashed potatoes n' gravy, and cajun seasoned fries. My single caveat is that Bojangles' fries are pretty much worthless without the cajun seasoning, which you can buy on the Bojangles' website. Biscuitville's country fries are pretty tasty on their own, especially when dipped in Cackalacky Cheerwine BBQ Sauce.

Best Chicken Filet: Bojangles

Bojangles' cajun filet biscuit is a pretty tough contender in the fast food fried chicken game. Biscuitville's fried chicken biscuit normally needs to be dressed up and topped with pimento cheese or a spicy honey sauce in order to make a worthwhile sandwich. However, I've never had a dry cajun filet biscuit, and I may have added an egg here or there, but it's fine on its own.

Best Biscuit: Bojangles

Biscuits are the bread and butter (pun totally intended) for both restaurants, but I have to give this one to Bojangles simply because they are butterier and fluffier than Biscuitville's biscuits. I've eaten many Bojangles biscuits as an accompaniment to a piece of fried chicken, but Biscuitville's biscuits need to be a part of a sandwich. Bojangles also make Bo Berry Biscuits, a sweet glazed blueberry biscuit, and it's a delectable dessert that everyone should try at least once.

In my heart, Bojangles reigns supreme in this Biscuitville vs Bojangles showdown. I want to be clear: I don't dislike Biscuitville, and if you find yourself visiting North Carolina or Virginia, definitely give it a try. They have fun limited-time menu items like pimento cheese and apple butter that you can add to your biscuits. Ultimately, Bojangles is an iconic fast food institution whose great food and branding secured them the top spot in this throwdown.

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