Tom Blyth as Billy the Kid

'Billy the Kid' Recap Episode 6: Billy Embraces a Life of Crime

We've officially reached the point in Billy's life where Billy McCarty has been left in the dust. Our outlaw has accepted his new life of crime, fully taking on his new identity of William H. Bonney. In episode 6, aptly titled "Fate," Billy takes a moment to mourn the cards life dealt him before deciding to embrace his fame and new reputation as the famous criminal Billy the Kid.

Here are the 6 biggest takeaways from episode 6 of Billy the Kid.

Billy meets a mysterious man in a bar in Texas

When the episode opens, there's a storm outside and Billy stops at a bar to enjoy a whiskey. He meets a man sitting at a nearby table who passes him one of his wanted posters saying he looks a lot like the wanted criminal William H. Bonney. Billy questions why he has it and the man admits that they have a mutual friend — Jesse Evans. He introduces himself as Pat Garrett and invites Billy to ride with him to reunite with Jesse and the Seven Rivers Gang. Considering how Billy left things with Jesse over the Barbara love triangle, he's a bit hesitant. But Garrett tells him Jesse talks about him all the time and doesn't hold a grudge against him. After reuniting with Jesse, Billy learns that Barbara went her own way to become a school teacher so she wouldn't be coming between the old friends anymore.

As a reminder, Pat Garrett is the man who allegedly kills Billy down the line. So this is an important character to pay attention to. Also interesting to note that the future lawman was involved in criminal activity with Billy and Jesse Evans.

Jesse gets Billy back into cattle rustling

Jesse tells Billy that he and the gang are making good money stealing from rich cattle magnate John Chisum. Apparently they are selling his cattle to the Army and Billy agrees to join in. They have one successful trip rustling Chisum's cattle and spend the night celebrating.

Billy has a heart-to-heart with Garrett over his new fame as a criminal and tells him he doesn't want to be remembered for killing people. Garrett seems intrigued by this and tells him that if it was him, he'd definitely feel a certain way about being famous.

The group goes back to steal more of Chisum's cattle

As the gang rides up to the cattle they intend on stealing, they initially think it's a trap since there are no cowboys around watching the herd. Billy says they need to get the job done regardless because it's the day before Chisum takes the cattle to market. The group continues on with the plan but their initial instincts were right. As they lead the cattle away, Chisum's cowboys are waiting in the surrounding hills and start shooting at the gang. Billy's horse gets shot down in the scuffle and he shoots the cowboy responsible. As the man collapses dying, he asks Billy why he had to rob the herd and hurt people like him. Billy turns away to let the man die in peace but hears him pull his gun out on him. He pulls the trigger first.

Billy and the gang make the papers for the robbery and get a job proposition

Garrett reads aloud the papers that acknowledge Billy is part of the gang who robbed Chisum's cattle, saying he's one of the most dangerous criminals in the country. Billy burns the paper in the fire, quietly playing his violin by himself as Jesse and Garrett discuss needing to leave the hideout ASAP. Jesse's old friend Frank Baker finds them the next day with an opportunity that could help everything. A man named Lawrence P. Murphy in Lincoln County is looking for protection and Baker promises it pays well, guaranteeing top pay for Billy.

This doesn't bode well with Jesse who is the leader of the Seven Rivers but Frank admits that the reason he came for them was that Billy was part of the group. In a shocking move, Billy takes up for himself and puts Jesse in his place. He seems to fully be embracing his new reputation and wants to live up to it, saying people will need to pay for his services from now on.

Billy gets a message from Segura

As the group is getting ready for their new gig in Lincoln County, a Mexican boy shows up looking for Billy. It turns out he has a message from his old friend Segura who has been arrested for the murder of Don Ortiz in Chihuahua. He faces hanging in a few days so Billy tells the group that he will meet them in Lincoln County after he helps his old friend. He feels responsible for Segura since he was the one who pulled the trigger on Don Ortiz after he hunted him down at the end of episode 5 for winning his poker game.

Before Billy rides off to save his friend, Garrett tells him that despite all of the names he's taken on and the reputation he's earned, he still just looks like a kid. The nickname 'Billy the Kid' is officially coined.

Billy goes to save Segura

Once he's at the jail in Chihuahua, Billy leads a guard at gunpoint inside to get the keys to Segura's cell. He locks the guard in his friend's place and immediately Segura notes that Billy seems different now. Billy kills the two guards who try to apprehend them, pulling the trigger a few too many times. Seeing how ruthlessly Billy is killing everyone around them, Segura confirms that he is different.

Billy and Segura stop at his friend Jesus's to rest and eat before getting back on the road. Right after they leave, the authorities show up and shoot Jesus. Segura is deeply affected and says he wants to change. They head their separate ways once again, calling each other brother.

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