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'Billy the Kid' Episode 2 Recap: A Tragic Loss Changes Billy's Life Forever


Warning, spoilers ahead for season 1 of Billy the Kid.

Season 1 of the new Epix series Billy the Kid is officially underway and so far, provides a really interesting look at the early days of the legendary gunslinger. While Episode 1 gave us some insight into his early childhood, Episode 2, "The Rattler," gives us a look at a teenage Billy and the difficulties his family faced out in the Wild West.

Here are 5 main takeaways from episode 2 of Billy the Kid.

Billy's family moves to Santa Fe in 1871

After Billy's father passes away, Kathleen decides to move her boys out to Santa Fe for a new start. The trio has somewhat of a rocky journey out to New Mexico, with the driver attempting to force himself on Kathleen at one point. Billy comes to her rescue by pointing a gun at him and they arrive unscathed, but it's not much better in Santa Fe.


There are men everywhere she's having to deal with but she does find a low-paying job as a waitress. She's able to get a room above and Billy starts helping in the restaurant kitchen washing dishes where he befriends a boy around his age, Carlos.

Billy's mom meets a new man

Kathleen seems to be getting nervous about her current predicament. Despite the fact that she does have a job and a roof over her head, she's a single woman in a man's world. She meets a new man that seems like he might be able to offer them a better life -- Henry Antrim. Antrim introduces himself as a Union Soldier and has a nice home in Santa Fe.

Billy witnesses a public execution in town and Antrim is one of the men helping with the execution. When Kathleen introduces the boys to him later on, Billy doesn't trust him. But his mother realizes that they could really use his financial help so she marries him anyway.

An unexpected death changes Billy

5 years later, Kathleen and Antrim are still married and the family continues to live in Santa Fe. Billy and Carlos are still close friends and one night, they head to the saloon to gamble. An upset patron shoots Carlos after losing a game of cards and there's nothing Billy can do about it. It seems to be a transformative moment for Billy and how he views the world moving forward.


Kathleen introduces Billy to a journalist, Mr. Ash Upson, who informs him that Carlos wasn't murdered by just anyone. That man was a judge named Hennessey who is a member of the Santa Fe Ring, a group that pretty much runs everything in the Old West and is essentially untouchable. Upson and Billy both want to bring justice for Carlos and clean up the town in general but Upson warns that he could take years. Billy continues to perfect his gunslinging skills in private, unsure if he can wait that long.

Turns out Antrim wasn't who they thought

A local prostitute named Hattie comes to Kathleen's restaurant seriously injured with visible marks on her face. She reluctantly reveals that her injuries came from Kathleen's husband, Henry Antrim, who had been a longtime customer before Kathleen had even moved into town. She's obviously devastated, and when Billy finds his mother crying and learns the truth, he immediately heads to the brothel for his stepfather.

Antrim is drunk with a couple of women when Billy finds him. He promptly beats up his step-father and leaves him there for the night.

Billy's family moves again

Antrim returns back home to find Kathleen, Billy, and Joe waiting at the kitchen table. He reveals that he's actually bankrupt and they need to leave town. Before leaving, Billy sees Ash Upson again who reveals that he also has to leave town after being threatened by the Ring. Upson and Billy's family separately head for Silver City for a new start.


On the road, Antrim threatens Billy not to cross him again. When a rattlesnake enters their tent and terrifies Antrim, Billy shoots the head right off looking his step-father dead in the eye.

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