Billy Ray Cyrus Releases Hilarious Music Video for 'Hey Elvis'

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After somewhat of a hiatus from the entertainment industry, Billy Ray Cyrus is back. Not only is he starring in CMT's scripted dramedy Still the King (premiering June 12), but he's just released a new music video for "Hey Elvis." The track is off of his upcoming album, Thin Line, which is set for release in September 2016.

"Hey Elvis" isn't exactly a brand-new song, though. You may remember his earlier version of it as the last track on his Southern Rain album from 2000. In light of his new role on Still the King -- which focuses on a down-on-his-luck, troublesome Elvis impersonator -- Cyrus chose to revisit the song. Lending their vocals on the revamped track are musician Bryan Adams and Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple.

The music video for "Hey Elvis" is footage from Still the King, basically serving as a trailer for the CMT series. In the beginning of the video, Cyrus looks disheveled in an Elvis costume as a cop pulls up to him. The officer is played by none other than Mr. Randy Travis! The country legend can be seen chasing a pant-less Cyrus down in his squad car.

Later in the video, Cyrus can be seen taking a punch to the face, smashing a guitar, making a snow angel in a pile of money while wearing a clergy robe and performing on stage as an Elvis impersonator. Oh, and you'll also spot an "Achy Breaky" mullet in there, too.

Thin Line is available for pre-order now on iTunes.

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Billy Ray Cyrus Releases Hilarious Music Video for 'Hey Elvis'