Is Former Child Country Star Billy Gilman Headed to 'The Voice'?

Former child star Billy Gilman auditioned for The Voice, and it looks like there's a good chance he turned a few chairs, too.

The singer shared the news of his audition on Monday via Twitter.

Gilman turned more than chairs as a young star in the early 2000s. His single, "One Voice," shattered the record for youngest artist to have a top 40 single. And his two Grammy nominations at the time were huge.

However, Gilman's career didn't take off as much as he'd hoped. The star largely fell off the country music map. He reemerged in the headlines in 2014 after he emotionally came out as gay to his fans. The revelation made Gilman a hero to entertainers afraid their sexuality may affect their career.

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Several singers turned to the TV show to reclaim lost fame besides Gilman. In fact, season three winner Cassadee Pope had a pop punk band called Hey Monday that was briefly signed to a Columbia records imprint.

Gilman is hoping his former success and still passionate fanbase can help him kickstart his once dormant country country on the show. No word on when his audition airs, but we'll be sure to track his progress.

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Is Former Child Country Star Billy Gilman Headed to 'The Voice'?