Bill Monroe's Estate Sale Offers Incredible Memorabilia

If you are a fan of the late Bill Monroe, you can buy a piece of history this week. On Thursday, a some of his estate will go up for auction.

Bidders can chose from over 1,000 items, including musical instruments, furniture, clothing and jewelry that were once property belonging to Monroe.

Bill Monroe

Along with these personal items, the estate also possesses items that once belonged to other stars. For example, those who attend the auction will have the opportunity to bid on autographed photographs of Marilyn Monroe. A Civil War rifle and even items belonging to Monroe's son, James are also available.

Naturally, this auction is generating quite a bit of interest. Fans are calling in from all corners of the earth to inquire about the items. The mandolin instruments are by far getting the most attention because of their relation to the artist.

During his time, Monroe revolutionized the music industry as well as the music we listen to today. His unique voice and signature eight string mandolin made him famous. He is a member of several musical halls of fame and holds the title "Father of Bluegrass."

He was very influential to many artists over the years. Elvis Presley even transformed one of Monroe's songs, "Blue Moon of Kentucky," into a rock 'n' roll record in 1954.

If you want to learn more about the auction, check out the official auction site here.

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Bill Monroe's Estate Sale Offers Incredible Memorabilia