Bill Anderson Reunited With Lost Guitar After 50 Years

Country legend Bill Anderson has been reunited with one of his most prized guitars after 50 years of being apart.

When Anderson first found fame as a solo performer in the '60s, he was regularly seen performing on stage with a Grammer acoustic guitar. As the years went by though, the guitar somehow went out of Anderson's possession, until this past weekend.

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Mike Grauer owns a pawn shop in Phoenix and found the guitar in his store last month. When he saw Anderson's name on the instrument, he contacted the 77-year-old to give the guitar back to its rightful owner.

"I sort of forgot about it, I really did, because it was an 'out of sight, out of mind' type thing," Anderson told NewsChannel 5. "I think I loaned it to a museum, and that's the last thing I remember, until Mike said it was in his store in Phoenix."

Once Anderson found out about the guitar, he flew Grauer out to Nashville, Tenn. for a special reunion. Grauer was able to present Anderson with the guitar during a performance at the Grand Ole Opry on Aug. 8. It was a special moment in country music history that neither Anderson nor Grauer will ever forget.

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Bill Anderson Reunited With Lost Guitar After 50 Years