Big & Rich's New Music Video Features a Sagely Tim McGraw

Big & Rich have just released a new music video for their latest single, "Lovin' Lately", which features one the biggest names in country, Tim McGraw. McGraw also sings on the track, which is part of Big & Rich's 2014 album, Gravity. He also shares the writing credit for the single.

The music video switches between Big & Rich performing on stage and the story of a guy named Carter who's stressed out about what his ex-girlfriend's doing right now (spoiler alert: she's moved on to another man). Carter heads into a bar to drink away his sorrows, and who plays the bartender, but Tim McGraw.

Bartender Tim gives Carter some solid love advice saying, "Well, you've heard that old saying that some things aren't meant to be? ... A lot of truth in that," and later tells him, "When you hit the real thing, you'll know it." Bartender Tim essentially tells Carter to get over it before nodding to a girl sitting across the bar. Every bar should have a Bartender Tim working there to give love advice.

Check out the music video above for Big & Rich's super catchy new single, "Lovin' Lately", featuring Love Doctor/Therapist/Bartender Tim McGraw.

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Big & Rich's New Music Video Features a Sagely Tim McGraw