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President Biden's Diet Matches That of a Kid at Summer Camp

Each new president brings a new set of quirks and preferences that we slowly get to know over the four years in office. Trump's wild opinions and social media presence were apparent from the start, and we've recently learned that Obama can apparently only cook three meals. When it comes to diet, this isn't something presidents can hide from the American public for long. In a middle ground between Obama's health food-packed fridge and Trump's mountains of cheeseburgers and fries, Biden eats like a kid at summer camp.

Former President Obama was known for his physical fitness, from his workout routine to his veggies and fruit-focused diet. Republican former president Donald Trump, on the other hand, became famous for eating copious amounts of fast food and making Diet Coke into an actual food group.

Biden Loves PBJs in His Diet

biden's diet

When it comes to President Joe Biden's diet, it involves lots of PBJs and sweets. According to The Washington Post, Biden brings to meetings "a protein bar, a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich and a travel-size orange Gatorade."

As a member of the Biden administration explained simply, "he has the tastes of a 5-year-old."

One of Biden's friends, Democrat Chris Coons of Delaware has also noted his friend's eating habits. "He's got his little lunch and stuff, his books, and it's like he's commuting to work," Coons said.

In addition to PBJ's and orange Gatorade, Biden enjoys a Coke Zero every once in a while. For more formal meetings, Biden eats soup and grilled chicken salad.

Salt Water Taffy and Pasta

However, along with his propensity to eat PBJ's, Biden is very into sweets. As Ashley Parker of The Washington Post describes, "Biden has stocked the outer Oval Office with salt water taffy — from Dolle's, a staple of the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, Del. — and his favorite chocolate chip cookies," Parker writes. "In a nod to covid, each cookie is individually enclosed in a wrapper with a gold White House seal, making them hot commodities among staff and visitors."

Even the COVID-19 pandemic won't stop Biden from supplying sweets to all.

Another interesting thing to note about the president of America's food preferences is that he has a deep love of angel hair pasta, which he has ordered at many an event. Along with this, ice cream is one of his favorite foods. Again, think of what a 5-year-old would eat.

The First Lady's Food Preferences

When it comes to First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, her diet is a little more sophisticated than that of her husband, involving lots of veggies and hearty meals. She's also a snacker, but she'll often go for almonds as a filling and practical option. Jill Biden considers the kitchen to be her domain and doesn't allow President Biden to give much assistance.

"Sometimes he'll come in and say, 'Oh, what are you doing? Let me help you.' And I just try to get him out of the kitchen because I like doing it by myself."

As for Vice President Kamala Harris, she has been found to be frugal in the kitchen, using leftovers to stretch each meal. She reportedly loves cheeseburgers, but advocates for a decrease in red meat consumption in support of climate change, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, as she publicly admits, this will be as hard for Harris as for the rest of us.

No matter what his First Lady and Vice President are eating, it's a safe bet that Joe Biden will continue to eat his PBJ's, pasta and ice cream like a classic summer camp kid.

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