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This Skit of Betty White "Making a Birthday Cake" Is Just Too Good

Few American figures are as iconic and lovable as Betty White, the spunky and talented actress renowned for being a pioneer of television. Betty White is hilarious and full of character, which is on full display in this amazing skit where she makes a cake with a surprise inside.

Baking With Betty White: Betty's Happy Hour

Betty White is famous for her roles in The Golden Girls and Hot in Cleveland, among many other roles in TV shows and movies. She was one of the first women to command the camera in front of and before the camera. White was also the first woman to receive a Daytime Emmy Award, along with earning the Guinness World Record for the longest television career of all time!

One of our favorite Betty White moments was her "Baking With Betty White" skit, in which she makes a cake for her friend's birthday. Betty White starts off innocently explaining this, while putting the finishing touches on the cake. She finishes frosting the top, and then gestures to someone outside of the camera, saying "okay, get in."

A gorgeous man wearing hot pink boxers walks up to the cake, looks at it quizzically, and says "it's too small, there's no way I'm gonna fit in there!"

She laughs and says "oh, you're right, nevermind! I'll just frost you instead..."

This thirty second skit captures Betty White's humor and spunk perfectly, from her innocent request of "get in!" to her flirtatious solution to the problem.

Betty White's 90th Birthday

It turns out that this isn't the first time Betty White has had a good time with cake. This famous actress and comedian has brought joy and entertainment to many over the years, which she's been celebrated for time and time again.

For her 90th birthday party, NBC aired a tribute to "America's Golden Girl," which included a cake being flown on a private plane to the celebration. Betty Crocker was also celebrating its 90th birthday, so the baking company decided to honor "America's grandma" with a triple-layer chocolate cake. The masterpiece was covered with mouse and ganache with fondant roses, edible pearls and golden candles to top it off.

"Betty White is one of the most popular actresses of our time, and Betty Crocker is honored to create this one-of-a-kind birthday cake for her," said Kristen Olson, Betty Crocker food editor, in an email to The Huffington Post. "This cake is our gift to Betty White in celebration of her ninety amazing years, and we think this vibrant cake really reflects her personality and the many things we love about her."

Along with making a triple-tiered birthday cake for the beloved Betty White, Betty Crocker makes delicious cake mixes, similar to Duncan Hines. Its popular yellow cake mix only needs vegetable oil, water and eggs, and has no artificial flavors. Along with this, the Betty Crocker super moist white cake mix, chocolate fudge cake mix, and red velvet are easy and delicious, perfect topped with buttercream frosting.

Life Size Betty White Cake

Another time that Betty White was celebrated with cake was when Cake Boss Buddy Valastro created a life-size cake of the 90-year-old actress! At a Friars Club roast in 2012, Valastro made a vanilla cake that stood at 5'2", with the club's motto at the bottom reading "we only roast the ones we love."

This famous Betty White cake was then featured in a Cake Boss episode on TLC, allowing even more people to view the giant Betty White-themed delicacy. However, as entertaining as a life-size cake of America's grandmother is, watching her spread frosting across a hottie in pink boxers might just be the highlight of my week.

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