Song Premiere: Hear Beth Wood's Tenacious 'The Hard Way'

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Texas-native singer-songwriter Beth Wood has a song for when you feel like giving up. "The Hard Way," which Wide Open Country is premiering today, is a tune about perseverance in the face of adversity.

"Everybody knows it/ I'm gonna say it," Wood sings on the buoyant track. "Everything good is gonna come the hard way."

Wood says the song, which is featured on her forthcoming album The Long Road (out Nov. 16), was inspired by a new beginning and the understanding that good can come from the hard times.

"This song was born on New Year's Day. I woke up and the phrase 'everything good is gonna come the hard way' kept swirling around in my head. I got up and started writing and this is what came out. It immediately sounded so familiar I wonder if I dreamed the whole song," Wood tells Wide Open Country. "Sometimes I wonder why we have to suffer to learn the hard lessons, but maybe we simply couldn't learn them without the suffering. After all, isn't growth uncomfortable? Isn't anything that is good worth fighting for?! This song marks a hopeful acceptance of these things. "

Listen to "The Hard Way" below.

The Hard Way is Wood's 11th solo album. She's won several awards for songwriting and performing throughout her career, including the Kerrville New Folk Award, the Sisters Folk Festival Dave Carter Memorial Songwriting Award and the Billboard World Song Contest.

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Song Premiere: Hear Beth Wood's Tenacious 'The Hard Way'