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5 of Our Favorite Toiletry Bags for Staying Organized in Style


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You've done it! The flights are booked, the hotels are selected, and you've already thought about all the Instagrammable places you will visit once you're at your vacation destination. But, the hard part? Packing. Regardless of whether you are staying at an airBnB or a hotel that has toiletries, you should bring your own toiletry bag just in case your accommodation does not have your must-need items. The last thing you want is to forget your favorite deodorant and to frolic all over an Italian village looking for it.

Travel toiletry bags come in all shapes and sizes and depend on how you are as a packer. If you tend to travel light, you might want to opt for a small and compact pouch. If instead, you want to bring everything in your closet with you on your travels, choose a larger bag. Just remember that if you're not checking in a suitcase, you want to pick only travel-friendly items (i.e. items consisting of liquid that are below 3.4 ounces and smaller items that won't take up too much space). Below we have rounded up our favorite functional, yet cute, toiletry bags that will look adorable on your vanity in your bougie hotel room. Secure them now before your next getaway.

1. Our Top Pick

Vera Bradley Large Cosmetic Bag - Vera Bradley, $65

Vera Bradley is my go to for travel accessories and suitcases, and this large cosmetic bag is a personal favorite. The quality of the bag is sturdy and made with performance twill (I've had mine for years now!) and the design on the bag is so cute and fashionable that multiple girlfriends over the years have asked me where they can secure one for themselves. The bag itself is lightweight, yet durable and will house all of your makeup wipes, lipsticks, and travel size shampoo and conditioner. Personalize the bag by monogramming your name or any other characters or symbols. I promise this bag is one to add to your rotation.


2. Best for Everyday Use 

Glossier's "The Beauty Bag" - Glossier, $35

Though I'm not a light packer, my husband is, so whenever we travel together I need to whip out a smaller bag that houses all the essentials without taking up too much space. This Glossier beauty bag is on the less expensive side, and is tall enough to fit all the essentials but small enough to slip easily into your tote or purse. The best feature is that it has enough pockets so that all of your travel essentials are easily organized without spilling. There is also a removable interior pouch so that you can fit your most-used lip glosses or lipsticks and don't need to dig around the entirety of the bag for it. The bag also comes in a reusable, protective dust bag so your chic toiletry bag can remain stylish and clean through your many uses. My personal favorite feature? The zippered front pocket where I always slip in some extra Advil for those rough nights out.

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3. A Unisex Bag for Couples

Unisex Toiletry Bag - Amazon, $6.99

This toiletry bag is a steal for two reasons: it's under $10 and it's unisex, so you and your partner never have to fight over whose toiletry bag prevails in the limited space you may have in your suitcase. This option comes in four different colors and is made from a high quality oxford and smooth water-resistant lining.Given the price point, if you can't pick between the colors, just get two! Though the larger size, it has enough capacity to hold both of your toothbrushes, shampoos, razors, medications, and face washes. Because of its aesthetic, it can also double as a gym bag or even an organizer you keep in your bathroom cabinet.

4. TSA-Friendly Bags for the Whole Family



Three Pack, Clear Toiletry Bags - Amazon, $13.99

If you are one to forget where your toiletries are, then this clear toiletry bag will be your best friend. Forget about digging through your stuff or dumping out all the contents on your bed- with this three pack, TSA approved toiletry bag, all of your liquids and items will be easily spotted. It's light, easy to use, and sturdy. You don't need to waste any more time at the airport and it is one less thing you have to worry about on your way to paradise.

5. The Ultimate Toiletry Bag for Heavy Packers

Chandelli, Hanging Toiletry Bag - Amazon, $39.97

Last, but not least, we would be remiss to finish this list without this cute olive green hanging toiletry that doubles as a purse. In the first instance, it looks like a handbag, but once you open it, there are easy zip closures and removable pockets for your makeup brushes, hair accessories, or foundations. There are also three silicon travel size bottles included so you can easily fill them up with your preferred face washes or shampoos. This makes a great gift, so definitely add to your list next time your mother or sister's birthday is coming up.

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