10 Best Songs Featured on Nashville

These tunes are country hits, even if they're not all on the charts.

By now, ABC's Nashville has proved to be a hit show for music lovers. It takes you into the twists and turns of life in the country music industry. Rayna James, played by Connie Britton, must reinvent herself as new talent begins to outshine her.

But not all of the show is fiction. These actors and actresses have real talent with unbelievable voices to match. Even better? The songs written and used for the show are amazing. Some are originals, and others you might already know. Here's a list of the best songs featured on Nashville to boot.

10. "If I Didn't Know Better"


In this episode, Scarlet O'Conner and Gunner Scott get discovered. Their soaring voices and blended harmonies are hunting and beautiful. The song, "If I didn't Know Better," was originally done by Luther Vandross.

9. "Ho Hey"


They might be young, but they've got a whole lot of talent. Rayna Jaymes' daughters, Maddie and Daphne Conrad, perform The Lumineers' song, "Ho Hey," on this episode.

8. "Telescope"


Talk about the ultimate breakup song. Juliette Barnes, played by Hayden Panettiere, brings it home. This tune is a  keeper for sure.

7. "Black Roses"


This girl can sing. Clare Bowen's character, Scarlett, takes the cake. In this episode, Scarlett sings this song to her mother. Get a tissue, it's a little sad, but beautiful. "Black Roses" was originally written by Lucy Schwartz.

6. "Stompin' Grounds"


Rayna, Nashville's country queen, definitely sings a hit or two on the show. This is a great one. Rayna sings this song to a rowdy and packed stadium in this episode. This song will even have you stompin' around yourself.

5. "Change Your Mind"


All through the show this pair impresses people with their compatibility. Well, at least when it comes to their music. Teaser alert: if you haven't watched the show, the end of this video definitely gives some secrets away.

4. "Consider Me"


In this episode, Juliette breaks her pop-country princess mold and tries something new. She does a song at the show that she writes with the character Deacon Claybourne. Viewers loved this episode and the song did pretty well too.

3. "Already Gone"


Clearly, there are too many hits to list. However, this song is all-around one of the best. You'll be surprised how easily you start singing it, if you don't already.

2. "Don't Put Dirt On My Grave"


This was an episode that made everyone cheer. Juliette stands up for herself. The tune will get you off your feet as well.

1. "Wrong Song"


In this episode, Rayna and Juliette join forces on the stage. They decide to do an outrageous tour together. This one, "Wrong Song," is a duet on the show and a big hit with the viewers. Watch, you'll catch yourself singing it.

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10 Best Songs Featured on Nashville