The Pit Boss Platinum is the Best Smoker Grill Combo of Summer 2021

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The saying "a man is only as good as his tools" doesn't get more accurate than when it comes to grilling. Any family grillmasters or aspiring pitmasters know how important the quality of the grill is to get that perfectly cooked brisket, chicken wings, or racks of ribs. That's why the Pit Boss Platinum KC Combo Grill is so incredible- this is the best smoker grill combo out there, and you can taste it in every bite.

Grill vs. Smoker

There has always been a debate in the BBQ world between grills and smokers. Grills are all about heat, getting those perfect grill marks, and producing tender, juicy cuts of meat with the right amount of high heat. As for smokers, they're all about creating that delectable wood smoky flavor.

Even if you decide you're in the grill camp, there are countless kinds of grills to choose from- charcoal grills, gas grills, propane grills, and more made by Weber, Traeger, Char-broil, Oklahoma Joe, Kamado, and many other top brands. As for smokers, there are charcoal smokers, gas smokers, offset smokers, and more to choose from.

For those who see the benefits of both outdoor cooking tools, the Pit Boss Platinum Combo grill is the perfect solution, allowing pitmasters to use many outdoor cooking techniques with one high-quality machine.

The Pit Boss Platinum KC Combo Grill

This top pick combo grill combines the best grilling fuels into one heavy-duty, versatile machine, producing a smoky wood flavor using the convenience of gas. This combo of wood pellet grill and pellet smoker, gas grill and outdoor griddle and gas smoker allows for the ability to griddle, grill, smoke, bake, braise, roast, sear, char-griller, barbecue, scramble, saute and stir-fry with liquid propane gas or all-natural hardwood pellets.

It also features a digital temperature control board that automatically regulates the grill's internal temperature. This digital control board's temperature gauge, along with the grill's powerful low-to-high temperature range of 180 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, ensures that you can grill or smoke with precise temperature control of the cooking chamber.

With over 1000 square inches of cooking space, two stainless steel meat probes and smoke IT Technology using WiFi Bluetooth, this high-quality smoker-grill combo brings your grill game to a whole new level. There's also a built-in cleaning brush, ash pan, and grill light for extra ease of use and versatility.

When tailgating or acting as head grilling chef, the amount of cooking surface and quality of your grill makes all the difference! This impressive cooking area including a griddle and grill grates, along with the ability to be used as a charcoal smoker grill, propane gas grill, and so much more makes this the way to go for the ultimate cookout.

For those who need it, the buying guide manual shows how to use everything, with guidance and locations of the pellet hopper, pellet auger, fire pot, convection, and more. Although the steel construction of this Pit Boss Combo Grill is made for durability, there's a 5-year warranty to ensure satisfaction.

Grilling Tools and Utensils

27-piece Grill Accessories Set

To be fully prepared for the many backyard barbecues in your future, it's essential to have a set of good grilling tools. The 27-piece Grill Accessories Set is made for versatility and ease, including a slotted spatula, cutlery, skewers, grill brush, corn holders and more.

Pitt Boss Magnetic BBQ Cutting Board


It's also important to have a high-quality cutting board made for meat. This Pitt Boss Magnetic BBQ Cutting Board is made of bamboo and has a grooved edge to prevent spills. This attaches to side tables for the utmost convenience, ensuring that your meat is cut to perfection and ready to go on your Pit Boss Smoker Grill Combo.