9 Best Pranks Country Stars Have Pulled on Each Other

Here's a look at some of our favorite times country stars got punked.

Reba McEntire once said, "To Thrive in life you need three bones: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone." Most country stars know how keep things fun and light-hearted on the road, sometimes at the expense of their tourmates. Here are our favorite times when country stars punked each other.

9. Brad "Doodlebops"  The Band Perry


Brad Paisley is not afraid to hijack the video screen of his tour mates. He pranked The Band Perry with a video of a children's song from the "Doodlebops" during their tour. But this one is just much more hilarious. When Miranda Lambert was performing her song "White Liar," Brad hijacked the video screen to show photos of Miranda's husband Blake Shelton with other women. Diabolical, Brad, diabolical.

8. Scotty McCreery admits to being Brad Paisley's love child


Brad Paisley could have a list of pranks all to himself, between pulling them on other artists, and being the recipient of retaliation. This time is McCreery was striking back after Paisley flashed pictures of the opener with fake tabloid headlines that read, "Is Scotty McCreery Brad Paisley's Love Child?" during Paisley's song "Celebrity." Playing off Paisley's own idea, McCreery snagged one of the singer's hats, donned a Brad Paisley t-shirt and a fake goatee, and joined the singer on stage.

7. Jason Aldean and Willie Robertson have Luke Bryan dance with the boys


Luke Bryan was notorious for bringing girls from the audience up on stage when he performed his song "Country Girl" during his 2012 tour. Well, Jason Aldean and Duck Commander's Willie Robertson decided to take advantage of that. When Bryan started performing the song in Dallas, the two trotted out a lineup of beefcake male dancers. To his credit, Bryan got down and danced with them, and after joked he needed to start working out.

6. Dierks' Jeep gets a gift-wrapping

It's a classic, but a goodie. Dierks, known for pulling some of his own pranks, got beat to the punch by the opening act in his 2011 tour. The girls from Miss Willie Brown covered Dierks' Jeep in plastic wrap, making it impossible for the singer to get in. As a response, Dierks' filled the girls' room--including the toilet--with 480 beers. Which, come to think of it, probably wasn't the worst thing they could have gotten.

5. Lee Ann Womack arrested for walking her dog

When Lee Ann Womack was stopped by a security officer in Ohio in 2011, her tour manager saw an opportunity. The singer had been walking her dog when the security officer prevented her from approaching her bus, not recognizing her. Later, after her show, Womack was greeted by police officers as she came off the stage. She knew it was a prank quickly, however, as one of the officers was in a British bobby uniform.

4. Tim McGraw turns "Love Don't Live Here" into a workout video


Tim McGraw hopping around in nothing but athletic shorts and a bandana is entertainment enough for many fans. But when that comes at the expense of another artist, it's even better. While Lady Antebellum was playing their hit song, McGraw and a number of crew members joined them on stage, doing jumping jacks and exercises to Lady A's music.

3. Blake trolls his band


Back in 2007, before an internet show, Blake is preparing his band for how they are going to execute their performance. He begins by yelling at his band, telling them to shut up, and pretends to be angry. But as he draws out their game plan on his whiteboard, it becomes clear that what Blake is talking about isn't the show at all.

2. Taylor Swift shows Keith Urban what "Kiss a Girl" is actually about


During their 2009 tour, Taylor Swift and band executed one of the most elaborate (at least in terms of wardrobe) pranks of all time. When Urban began to play his hit "Kiss a Girl," Taylor Swift and co. joined him on stage...dressed in full KISS regalia, complete with tongue-waggling and synchronized guitar bops. Proving, one again, that Taylor Swift has the most fun.

1. Brad Paisley gets arrested


When Brad Paisley's plane landed in Nashville, he an unexpected welcoming party. Police offices met the singer as he stepped out of his planes with handcuffs, telling the singer that he was under arrest for some "serious crimes." After putting Paisley in the back of a squad car, the officers charged him with "excessive noodling," to which Paisley promptly admitted his guilt. Puppet master? Jewel.

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9 Best Pranks Country Stars Have Pulled on Each Other