Ozark Trail Coolers: 8 Models That Suit Every Outdoor Need

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As the weather heats up, many of us head to nature to cool off in the shelter of trees and coolness of rivers. Whether your go-to exclusion involves fishing, camping, or road-tripping to the next town over, you'd better be stocked with snacks and drinks. Coolers are one of the most vital outdoor equipment to have on hand for the summer, providing a solution to warm beers and melted cheese.

Ozark Trail Coolers are one of the best cooler brands, right up there with Yeti, Coleman and Orca. At a cheaper price, they offer the same durability and convenience as other big brands, along with providing a wide variety of options to fit any occasion. Here are 8 of the best Ozark Trail Coolers to get you through the hottest of days!

1. Ozark Trail 45-QT Rolling Thermocooler

This $149.00 45-quart rolling thermocooler is a classic and versatile choice that will make storing food and drinks a breeze! With microban antimicrobial protection and an air-tight, sealing gasket, it keeps the cold in and wards off heat and bacteria. This Roto-molded cooler with a UV-resistant exterior has a heavy-duty handle made to use with comfort, and its five-year warranty guarantees customer satisfaction.

The Ozark Trail 45 quart cooler is known for its convenience and durability, with an industrial-strength locking plate to keep it sealed tight and wheels for easy transport. Featuring a fish ruler and confirmed bear-resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, it's perfect for back-country adventures. Not to mention, it has a built-in bottle opener and four drink holders on the lid, so you can have a good time no matter the temperature.

2. Ozark Trail 52-QT High-Performance Thermocooler

Another excellent trail cooler is the Ozark 52 Quart High Performance option, made to fit even more than the 45-quart. This Thermocooler is only $144.00, and it acts as a jumbo ice chest, keeping ice frozen for days with its UV resistance, locking plate, and air-tight gasket. The oversized drain works for easy clean-up, featuring a sealing drain plug. This option is also bear-resistant and made for the great outdoors!

This model also contains a wire basket, four cup holders, and easy-open latches. For a high-end roto-molded cooler, the Ozark Trail 52-quart is the way to go. If you're planning a summer road trip, this premium cooler has the ultimate storage space, along with side handles and anti-skid feet for transportation.

3.Ozark Trail 35-QT Cooler

For a cooler of more manageable size and only $97.00, the Ozark Trail 35-quart hard sided cooler is a great choice. Its premium insulation makes for impressive ice retention, and the freezer-grade gasket is removable for quick cleanup. This model's interior bin features a handle, along with a locking plate on the outside.

For a leak-proof, easily transportable cooler with excellent build quality, the 35-quart Ozark Trail premium is ideal. It also has lots of nifty features for versatility, from a waterproof interior light that can be removed for use as a flashlight to multiple tie-down points.

4. Ozark Trail 26-QT High-Performance Thermocooler

For a more on-the-go option, the $88.00 Ozark Trail 26-quart high-performance cooler offers the perfect size and capacity. The heavy-duty, one-piece construction and blend of polyurethane insulation keeps ice frozen for days. This cooler is also made for easy carrying, featuring a stainless steel handle with a comfort grip.

This roto-molded cooler has easy-to-use cam latches and drain, along with a bottle opener, fish ruler, two drink holders, and bear resistance. One cooler review said "love this cooler. I'm very impressed with how long it keeps ice. I'm in the south with high temperatures and it kept ice for 4 days." This is great buy no matter how hot it is!

5. Ozark Trail 12-Can Cooler

For a day-trip or shorter adventure, the Ozark Trail 12-can cooler is ideal to keep drinks cool all day long and is perfect for budget-conscious shoppers at $29.97. This high-performance, water-repellent cooler has a removable hard liner and shelf featuring antimicrobial protection for the ultimate freshness. The adjustable padded shoulder strap makes for easy transport, and the mesh pockets provide extra storage space. This Ozark Trail cooler is made for durability and convenience, providing the perfect storage for your best beers.

6. Ozark Trail 36-Can Thermocooler

For those who need more beers and snacks on their adventure, the $19.97 36-can cooler is perfect for a wide range of activities, from camping trips to river floating. This soft-sided cooler has an expandable top storage compartment to fit meals and snacks, and the hard-liner is easily removable for cleanup. This Ozark cooler fits 36 cans, ice, and food, making it super convenient no matter your plans. It also has adjustable, padded shoulder straps and extra mesh pockets for convenience.

7. Ozark Trail 50-Can Thermocooler Tote

Although hard coolers are ideal for storage and long trips, this Ozark Trail 50-can cooler tote is made for easy transportation and day trips, and it's extremely affordable at $4.97. Use this on grocery store trips to be extra sustainable, bring it on your beach day, or show up to tailgating fully prepared.. The top opening is ideal for extra refreshments, and the front pocket can be used to store smaller items. This cooler bag will keep up to 50 cans cool all day long, offering everything a larger cooler does for a fraction of the price. You can find it at Walmart!

8. Ozark Trail 40-Can Cooler

The Ozark Trail 40 Can Cooler Duffel acts as a duffel bag-cooler hybrid, made for easy carrying and lots of storage. This $18.77 deal is designed to use with ice packs, and features a large zip opening for easy packing and retrieval. The Ozark Trail Cooler Duffel has multiple pockets for camping gear or snacks, and its adjustable padded cross body strap makes it effortless to transport to the park, beach or game.

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