best of all possible worlds
Rick Kern/Getty Images

Hear Kris Kristofferson's Previously Unreleased Track, 'Best of All Possible Worlds'

Kris Kristofferson's "Best of All Possible Worlds" is one of the icon's previously unreleased tracks that fans get to hear on the reissue of his 1997 album, The Austin Sessions: Expanded Version. 

Producer Fred Mollin took a special interest in the project. He aimed to take Kristofferson's classics and give them stripped-down arrangements to bring out the rootsiness of Kristofferson's songwriting.

"I knew in my heart that I could pull off a great under-produced production and give Kris the album he always wanted to make: one that felt like it had the uniqueness and rootsy feeling that Dylan accomplished on his early electric albums," Mollin said in a release.

Mollin is especially proud of the two new tracks, adding that the tracks show how diverse Kristofferson's songwriting can be.

"One is lighthearted, dry, sarcastic and one of the greatest examples of Kris' humor and storytelling while the other is just deeply emotional and shows the true aching heart that can be felt like an arrow, from Kris to the listener."

"Best of All Possible Worlds" is now available on The Austin Sessions: Expanded Version. Fans can purchase the album on Amazon. Kristofferson is out on the road now. Tour dates are on his official website.

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