5 Margaritas Mixes That Will Make You Enjoy Drinking At Home (Even More)

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Having a good, premixed cocktail base on hand is perfect for boozy holidays, happy hour at home, and summertime soirees. The best margarita mixes are easy to portion, light on the wallet, and a natural complement to whatever you're drinking. If you love backyard bartending, it's time to get acquainted with the perfect margarita mixes for you and your guests. These margarita mixes are great things to keep at home when you're in the mood for a drink but not necessarily in the mood to go out and drink — or when you have unexpected guests or a small get-together and you want to pull together a party that makes you look like an effortless host or hostess. Of course, playing with margarita recipes is fun, and we love crafting our own. However, if you don't have time in the kitchen to experiment with recipes, margarita mixes are the way to go. When you're creating drinks at home for the first time, you'll have several trials and errors with liquor, lime juice, syrup, and more. We encourage you to give it a try, but margarita mixes will do just fine in a pinch.

So grab some margaritas glasses and make sure you have salt or sugar ready for the rim. It's our favorite go-to drink of the summer — and be sure to pair it with our picks for the best tequilas. under $40!

1. Best Organic Mix

Agalima Organic Authentic Margarita Mix - Amazon, $15.00

Agalima boasts an authentic, classic margarita flavor. Fresh lime juice is added in and then mixed with Mexican Jalisco blue agave nectar for the closest thing you can get to a freshly squeezed marg. This mix is made with only natural ingredients; it's vegan and certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Bright citrus and fresh herbs and spices give this mix the perfect balance. Pair this mix with organic tequila if you'd like. One reviewer writes: "This is the best mix I've ever tasted, just the right combination of sweet and tart, and perfect for your Cadillac margaritas."

2. Best Spicy Option


Powell & Mahoney Craft Cocktail Jalapeño Margarita Mix - Amazon, $12.99

A classic margarita is made with lime lime, but sometimes it's the adventurous flavors that really hit differently. Watermelon, grapefruit, and in this case: jalapeño. A tropical profile means you can experiment with adding citrus flavors like triple sec or another orange liqueur. Best of all, P&M is organic, made with real cane sugar, and has no artificial ingredients or dyes. Try out their other unique flavors, like mango — but the jalapeño adds a fun kick to your standard lime option. Hot tip: line the rim with Tajín!

3. Best Sugar-Free Option

Jordan's Skinny Margarita Mixes, Sugar Free Cocktail Flavoring Mix - Amazon, $9.99

This "just add tequila" blend is the perfect margarita mix to toss in your cocktail shaker and enjoy in a jiffy. There are only five calories and two carbs, so it's perfect for lots of different dietary needs. If you need to sweeten it up more, pair it with a lite simple syrup or a stevia packet. This zero-sugar mix is also gluten-free, kosher, keto-friendly, and GMO-Free! It's the perfect blend of tart, sweet, salty, and citrus. If you're watching your sugar intake, you can't go wrong with this mix.

4. Best Strawberry Flavor


LAVA Premium Strawberry Margarita Mix - Amazon, $17.99

This delicious strawberry mix is made with strawberry puree, agave nectar, and key lime juice — and while it's pricey, it's made with natural and organic ingredients with no artificial flavors. It's also versatile: add rum for a daiquri or vodka for a fun martini. One reviewer writes: "I've been on a years-long quest for a pre-made mix as good as something I can create. This is it."

5. Best To-Go Option

Margaritaville Singles-To-Go Drink Mix - Amazon, $7.93

Put a few packs of these margarita mixes in your travel bag and make some margaritas at the pool, a friend's house, or the campsite this summer. It's the easiest way to enjoy a nice marg anywhere, anytime. These singles-to-go mixes are sugar-free, caffeine-free, and only have five calories! This pack comes with three flavors, including classic, pina colada, and

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