Our 11 Favorite Grilling Tools for Better Meals This Summer

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It's already grilling season, and if you're planning on hosting a cookout that the entire block will be talking about all summer long, you're going to need some new tricks up your sleeve. With the right grilling tools, you'll be ready to cook the best meals, appetizers, and everything in between for every kind of party.

Before planning your first barbecue of the season, go through your current lineup of grill tools. Missing a thermometer? You need one to cook your steaks to the perfect temperature. How about a pair of tongs that will last you for years to come instead of those old ones you've had for years? And what about a high-quality grill scraper? C'mon, you gotta clean the grill! Everyone has their own magic recipes or techniques when it comes to grilling up food, but one thing every chef has in common is the job's basic tools. However, you can get a bit more creative with some unique grilling gadgets that will also help you level up your cooking this summer. You'd be surprised with what you can whip up with a few of these, so check out our picks for the best grilling tools you must have on hand and our new favorites below:

The Must-Haves

1. A Thermometer for a Perfect Cook

KIZEN Digital Meat Thermometer with Probe - Amazon, $15.99

Every novice and veteran cook needs a thermometer. After all, "how do you like your steak or burger cooked?" is one question cooks typically ask their guests. An instant-read thermometer takes an accurate temperature in three seconds and ensures that every piece of meat that comes out to your guests is cooked exactly to their liking. And when it comes to chicken. there's no need to cut into it to make sure it's cooked through.  It's also easy to read at night thanks to the large LED screen. The waterproof thermometer can be cleaned by hand, and it's a must-have tool to stick in your apron pocket.

2. This Quality, Must-Have Tool Set 

OXO Good Grips Grilling Set - Amazon, $25.99 

This must-have tool set is a high-quality upgrade that will last you for years to come. It comes with a turner, scalloped tongs, and a rest — the tools are made with stainless steel and the rest is heat-resistant silicone. The beveled head of the turner makes it easy to slide under burgers and delicate foods like salmon, and we love that the tongs have a bottle opener on them. This is a great gift, too.

3. A Sturdy Grill Brush & Scraper

Cuisinart BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush and Scraper - Amazon, $9.97

A stainless steel grill cleaning brush is exactly what you need to keep your grill clean and spotless, and ensure no bits of charcoal ensure with the taste and quality of your food. This 16.5-inch brush lets you reach all the nooks and crannies of your grill, so it will clean stuck-on food effortlessly and can be rinsed with water after each use. There's also a scraper for those extra tough debris on grill grates. There's a comfy grip handle, too, and on the side of the scraper there are indents so you can also clean individual grates.

4. For Mess-Free Veggies, Potatoes, and Corn

Grill Skillet with Detachable Handle - Uncommon Goods, $30.00

Grilled veggies are so good, and they taste great on fajitas, burgers, or as a side dish — but they fall through the grate so easily! Enter this brilliant skillet, which will keep your veggies from falling through the grate but still getting an intense char and smoky flavor. It'll be great for things like corn, shrimp, scallops, bacon-wrapped jalapeños, or potatoes. The handle is detachable, too.

5. A Silicone Brush For More Flavorful Meats

Grillhogs Silicone Sauce Basting Brush (Set of 2) - Amazon, $10.00

This silicone basting brush set is dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant, and is the perfect tool for ensuring your food is perfectly and evenly seasoned with barbecue sauce, butter, marinade, or whatever else you add to your meats. The longer stainless steel handle will keep your hands protected and stands up to the intense heat of your grill, but the smaller silicone brush allows you to coat every nook and cranny.

6. Try A Pair of Heat-Proof Gloves for Safer Cooking

Comsmart BBQ Gloves - Amazon, $13.59

Calling this pair of gloves heat-resistant is an understatement — because it can withstand temperatures up to 1472 degrees Fahrenheit. The silicone patterns on the glove also allow you to grip things comfortably and cook as if you weren't wearing gloves at all, so you'll be more inclined to actually wear them and reduce your risk of injury. The inside is made of soft material, while the outside is made of high-strength aramid fibers. They're machine-washable, too.

The New Must-Haves

7. A Garlic Roaster You'll Use All Year-Round

Cast Iron Garlic Roaster - Uncommon Goods, $25

Put some garlic on the grill and thank me later. It'll become smoky, creamy, and perfectly cooked — a great addition to grilled food that softens down to an almost butter-like paste. This amazing cast iron tool (you know we love cast iron at Wide Open Eats) can be used in the oven as well, but it will shine on the grill. Use the included silicone tool to squeeze out cloves from the husk without burning your fingers.

8. This Accessory Perfect for the Pizza Lover

Grilled Personal Pizza Maker - Uncommon Goods, $40.00

As a true pizza lover, I will eat it any way you cook it. The oven, air fryer, you name it! And now, I can't wait to have some homemade pizzas cooked over the grill this summer. This tiny oven makes crispy pizzas on the grill in just 10 minutes. Each family member can have a personal pizza with all of their favorite meats, cheese, and veggies — so it'll be a fun family activity, too. It's made of cast iron and steel, so it's durable and ultra heat-resistant.

9. A Fun Tool for Mouthwatering Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Cutter - Amazon, $14.99

Get excited, hot dog lovers. This hot dog cutter allows for grilled flavors to penetrate deeper — and produce that beloved crispy snap that will level up your hot dogs for guests this summer. It's also great for sausages and any other meat that doesn't have a casing on it. It's safe to put in the dishwasher, too.

10. These Nifty Tools For Easy Kabobs

CMYK Barbecue Skewers (Set of 6) - Amazon, $16.99

These stainless steel skewers are a must-have for the kabobs and all types of unique grilling meals this summer — and it means you'll never have to buy those wooden sticks again. Try out your typical meat and veggie creations, or try something new: think halloumi and veggies, fruit skewers with marshmallows for the kids, seafood kabobs, or teriyaki steak.

11. A Unique Light for Cooking at Night

Magnetic Barbecue Grill Light and Fan - Amazon, $29.99

If the weather, the time of night, or the heat never stops you from grilling, this smart little gadget will become your best friend. With 32 LED lights and a fan, each feature can be used separately and has three settings each for a perfectly customizable application. The included cord will make recharging this device easy, but it will last up to 32 hours without needing one. The 360-degree goosenecks make it simple to point it exactly when you need it, and the magnets can stick anywhere you need them to. This is great for power outages or late night grills, and reviewers say this durable product has come in handy for lots of additional uses like car camping or working in the basement.

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