Best Frozen Pizza Brands To Grab From the Grocery Store and Actually Enjoy

I don't know a home cook who hasn't come home exhausted after a long workday and said, "You know what? We're having frozen pizza tonight." A mainstay of American grocery stores, you've probably found yourself holding open a frosty freezer door with your hip, with a few pizzas in your hands, trying to decide which one you're going to toss in your shopping cart. We've all been there. To help you on your next shopping trip, I decided to taste test 7 of the best frozen pizzas to see which one comes out on top.

I struggled with best way to approach this momentous task, but I figured I'd do it in the most realistic way possible—like a hungry millennial searching for some quick and easy pizza. To choose these pizzas, I ordered grocery pickup through I performed a basic search for "frozen pepperoni pizza" and selected all of the ones they had in stock. I picked the ones with the most similar-sounding crusts, added them to my cart, and bam! I had 7 pizzas to try. To the probably very confused Walmart employee who put together this order, I promise I'm not a crazed pizza fanatic. I am simply a person on a mission to find the best frozen pepperoni pizza. I had a lot of fun trying these, and here are the best frozen pizzas to grab.

Best Frozen Pizza

best frozen pizza

7. Great Value Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza

My high hopes for this pizza were dashed very quickly. It baked beautifully, but the taste really let me down. It truly is a generic version of Digiorno. The sauce was weirdly ketchup-y, and the crust was bland. If you're low on funds and debating whether to buy this pizza, I suggest you splurge on any name brand variety. Frozen pizza is already cheaper than delivery, so it definitely will be worth the extra change.

6. CAULIPOWER Uncured Pepperoni Stone-fired Cauliflower Crust Pizza

I knew throwing a cauliflower crusted pizza into the mix was a risky choice, but I badly wanted CAULIPOWER to be a wild card pick that would blow the competition out of the water. That is not what happened here at all. I'm no stranger to dietary substitutions, so I know that if you expect cauliflower crust to taste like a normal crust, then you're fighting a losing battle. This pizza was a let down in many ways. First, even though this was the most expensive pizza per ounce on the list, it only had 10 pepperoni slices. With that scarcity, you'd expect some top tier pepperoni, right? So did I, but this pepperoni tasted like shoe leather. I will say that it crisps very well, but maybe a little too well. This pizza was an extreme let down.

5. Red Baron Brick Oven Crust Pepperoni

This pizza induced nostalgia for my after school days because it just tastes like middle school. It had that typical Red Baron soft crust that will never fully crisp no matter how you bake it, a sauce that tastes like it was made in a factory, and overly chewy cheese.

4. Jack's Original Thin Crust Pepperoni

I love a good thin crust pizza, and Jack's is an okay thin crust pizza. For less than $4, it got the job done. If I'm standing around at a party, and this is what I'm served? Yeah, sure, I'll take it.

3. DIGIORNO Rising Crust Pepperoni

Who among us has not eaten Digiorno pizza? It has one of the most famous advertising slogans in history ("It's not delivery. It's Digiorno.") and is always prominently displayed in the freezer aisle. When you think about frozen pizza, you're most likely thinking about Digiorno. It has a sweeter crust than most frozen pizzas, and I always have a hard time getting the middle to fully cook without burning the crust. The sauce was lighter than the other pizzas, but it definitely improved the pizza overall. You really can't go wrong with Digiorno.

2. Tombstone Pepperoni Frozen Pizza

This was a huge shocker. I did not expect to enjoy this pizza as much as I did because it's one of the cheaper varieties. It's perfectly crisp like it was made for dipping in ranch dressing. This is the crunch I was looking for in Jack's. The pepperonis actually tasted the best out of any other pizza on this list, and I certainly would eat it again.

1. Screamin' Sicilian Holy Pepperoni

Wow. Cheese fans, this pizza has the creamiest mozzarella that I've ever tasted on a frozen pizza ever. It also was completely smothered in pepperoni, even layered in some spots—the total opposite of the pitiful showing from CAULIPOWER. The outer crust is perfectly crispy, and this pizza tastes way more like delivery than Digiorno does. Seriously, instead of Dominos, try Screamin Sicilian next time and see how they stack up against each other.

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