Best Friends from War Get Emotional Reunion

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Thanks to the kindness of one woman, a former Army Sergeant has been reunited with his former canine comrade.

The bond between a soldier and his bomb-sniffing dog is truly unbreakable. During the struggling fighting on the front lines, the love and affection from a dog can be the only thing to help a soldier get through the day.

Taylor the yellow lab was deployed to Afghanistan twice, and did an incredible job of keeping her fellow soldiers safe. After spending her whole life in the military, she was honorably discharged and made available for adoption.

Army Sergeant Tom Hanson protected the brave dog during firefights and combat missions. Thanks to help of Molly Oliver, a United Airlines flight attendant, "Tay Tay" will have a long and happy life alongside her favorite soldier.

Anyone who has owned a pet knows the pain of being separated from your animal for a long period of time, but this battle was especially hard for Hanson. After returning to the U.S. from his tour of duty, the only thing he felt was missing was "Princess Taylor." Yes, even our country's toughest and bravest soldiers have a soft side.

You can find out more about how to adopt a retired military dog for yourself here.

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Best Friends from War Get Emotional Reunion