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The 10 Best Dutch Bros Drinks You Have To Try

When it comes to coffee shops, Dutch Bros Coffee covers all the bases. Whether you're in need of a fruity, tropical pick-me-up or a cozy, chocolatey coffee drink, this Oregon-based coffee chain has it. This beloved West-coast coffee chain started in 1992 by Dane and Travis Boersma, two brothers who decided that they were better fit for the coffee business than that of dairy. They left the dairy business and made their dreams into a reality with their tasty and creative coffee drinks.

Eight years later in 2000, they opened their first franchise, and the expansion of their crowd-pleasing coffee chain continued from there. You can now find Dutch Bros Coffee in 11 states throughout the northwest of the United States. Dutch Bros is known for its friendly and community-based service, along with its varied and original drinks. Each drink is one-of-a-kind and fits the desires of a subset of customers, so you can truly find what works for you when hitting up your local Dutch Bros.

Plus, if the menu doesn't have exactly what you're looking for, the Dutch Bros secret menu drinks are equally delicious. As wonderful as it is, having so many delicious options to choose from can be overwhelming, so we've compiled the best drinks you can get at this northwestern chain. Whether you're looking for sweet caramel, a fruity energy drink or a classic cold brew, we've got you covered. Here are 10 of the best Dutch Bros drinks to get at this iconic coffee chain.

1. Golden Eagle Breve

Golden Eagle Breve drink

Dutch Bros

The Golden Eagle Breve is ideal for when you want a warm, comforting drink. With a combo of vanilla and caramel drizzle, it's sweet, delicious and energizing. Although many Dutch Bros fans go for the tropical, fruity drinks, this one is the way to go on a chilly morning or after a long day's work. Get the iced coffee option if that's what you prefer.

2. Annihilator

annihilator drink

Dutch Bros

For those looking for a coffee-chocolate fix, the Annihilator is a favorite. This is one of the best Dutch Bros drinks for a chocolatey, nutty drink. With a combo of chocolate and macadamia nut, it contains half and half in place of milk, and you can order it sugar-free to be on the healthy side. Hit up the Dutch Bros drive-thru for a burst of nutty chocolate energy.

3. Shark Attack Blue Rebel Energy Drink

shark attack drink best dutch bros drinks

Dutch Bros

Although Dutch Bros does their coffee right, some prefer the energy drink or soda options to get the motivation to start your day. This delicious drink has all the energy you need, featuring blue raspberry, lime and coconut with a pomegranate drizzle topping. Get it blended for a fruity milkshake-esque delight, or have it iced.

4. White Mocha Cold Brew

white mocha cold brew best dutch bros drinks

Dutch Bros

Cold brew is all the rage, and anyone who's tried it knows why. This white chocolate mocha cold brew brings a chocolatey sweetness to the drink, making it perfect for providing energy and giving you a burst of sugary goodness when you need it. There's a nitro-infused option as well, and you can even order this flavor toasted.

5. Christmas Morning Chai

Christmas morning chai best dutch bros drinks

Dutch Bros

Chai-coffee drinks are one of the best inventions in my opinion; the warm spicy flavors of chai blend so well with that of coffee. This drink is made with half and half rather than milk, and is flavored with white chocolate. Who needs a Starbucks chai latte when you can have a Dutch Bros Christmas Morning Chai? Topped with nutmeg, cinnamon, and whipped cream, this drink tastes just like its name.

6. Double Torture

Double torture drink best dutch bros drinks

Dutch Bros

The Double Torture is far more fun than its name suggests. It blends espresso, vanilla syrup, chocolate milk and a double shot of espresso, and is topped off with a generous helping of whipped cream. Mocha is sometimes exactly what you need for an energy boost- when you still want the coffee flavor but are in the mood for a sweet treat as well. This delectable combo of flavors is hard to beat. Get it hot, iced or blended!

7. Electric Berry

electric berry drink best dutch bros drinks

Dutch Bros

If you're not always feeling coffee, Dutch Bros has soda options as well that are just as refreshing. The Electric Berry is caffeine-free and features sparkling water, lime syrup and blue raspberry syrup, all topped with an indulgent dollop of whipped cream. You can also add cream for a smooth, creamy texture in your soda.

8. White Zombie Dutch Cocoa

White zombie dutch cocoa


When you're at the coffee shop but don't feel like a classic cup of coffee or mocha, it's perfect to change it up with a sweet chocolatey treat. The White Zombie Dutch Cocoa is a combo of vanilla and white chocolate, providing a delicious combo to get your morning started or jazz up your afternoon.

9. Unicorn Blood

unicorn blood drink best dutch bros drinks

Dutch Bros

Unicorn Blood is as magical as its name suggests. This Dutch Soda combines strawberry syrup, almond syrup and white chocolate sauce with sparkling soda water. For a fruity, chocolatey experience, this is the way to go! Add some whipped cream or a splash of cream for extra deliciousness.

10. Gummy Bear Dutch Soda

gummy bear soda drink best dutch bros drinks

Dutch Bros

Another Dutch Soda drink, Gummy Bear Dutch Soda has all the fruity flavors you could possibly desire. Featuring pomegranate, passion fruit, watermelon and grapefruit, this sweet drink is energizing and delicious. Add on whipped cream for the ultimate indulgence.

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