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Our Top 5 Dry Shampoo Picks for All Hair Types


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As someone who works out four or five times a week, I also schedule my hair wash days so that my hair looks and smells clean for impromptu date nights or happy hours with girls. Before I would wash my hair every other day. Unbeknownst to me, that's actually not ideal; though there's not one size fits all, dermatologists recommend spacing out the time between hair washes if you have dry hair or a sensitive scalp. Otherwise, if you wash your hair too often, it strips the scalp of essential oils, especially if you have color-treated or brittle hair.

One of my secrets to avoiding daily hair washing is dry shampoo. Dry shampoo works when either alcohol or starch in the product soaks up excess oil and grease from hair follicles. As a result, any greasy or "dirty" hair looks cleaner and fresher, and thanks to the product probably smells like you've had a fresh wash. Simply spray from a distance (but close enough so that you don't miss your scalp completely) and leave on for a minute or two to soak up the excess oil. You can also massage certain greasier hairs with the tips of your fingers for a quick refresh before styling.

We have rounded up the best dry shampoos for you! Just remember to limit usage to once or twice a week to avoid your hair follicles from clogging up.


1. Our Top Pick for Everyone

Discreet AF Dry Shampoo - Ulta, $14

One of the biggest downsides of dry shampoo is that if you apply too closely to your scalp, it can leave a white residue that is unappealing and almost looks like dandruff. This lightweight, no residue dry shampoo is formulated to eliminate dirt and oil while leaving hair smelling great and fresh. Also, it lasts 72 hours, thanks to the Aurascent TechnologyTM which will keep your hair smelling like citrus, green floral wood notes. Some users rave about how the product instantly absorbs excess oil around the roots, giving off that "just washed" look. Try it out for yourself.

2. A Dry Shampoo for Shiny & Revitalized Hair

Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Strength Dry Shampoo - Amazon, $7.89

Personally, I use argan oil shampoo and conditioner for all of my hair needs. I love how fresh and revitalized my hair feels thanks to the argan oil that moisturizes my hair and scalp and protects it from everyday damage. Adding to this line of argan oil products is this extra strength dry shampoo. For under 10 dollars, your hair will be transformed into silky-soft perfection and will look fuller and smoother, all while smelling irresistible. The dry shampoo works on color treated hair as well. For those who are not a fan of dry shampoos that smell, this one has a very light, subtle smell that just makes your hair look and smell clean.

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3. A Dry Shampoo That Won't Leave Residue in Brunette Hair

SGX NYC Brunette Dry Shampoo, $7.50

For those with brunette hair, this dry shampoo by SGX NYC provides a tinted formula for those with medium and dark brown tones without the undesirable white residue. The vegan-friendly formula is free of parabens, sulfates, or mineral oil and can revitalize flat, second- day hair between washes. Users also appreciate how it keeps them clean for about three days post-wash and the brunette tint works perfectly on their roots to hide any grays while they get a salon touch up.


4. A Dry Shampoo Perfect for Natural Hair

SheaMoisture Jojoba Oil & Ucuuba Butter No-Rinse Foam Cleanser - Walmart, $10.80

For those with natural hair, finding a dry shampoo can be difficult because they are generally not geared towards people with textured hair types. Usually, any moisture or water would shrink natural hair. However, users rave about this no-rinse foam cleanser because its ingredients (i.e. ucuuba butter and carrot seed oil) hydrates the hair and moisturizes it without ruining the hairstyle. Particularly, it helps cleanse and refresh cornrows, box braids, weaves and extensions and eliminates building and dandruff a few weeks after getting one's hair done. At almost $11, this is worth the buy.

5. A Dry Shampoo That Won't Leave Residue in Blonde Hair

L'Oreal Paris EverPure Dry Shampoo for Blonde Hair - Amazon, $9.47

We weren't lying when we said there's a dry shampoo for everyone. For those with blonde or light tone tresses, L'Oreal's EverPure Dry Shampoo will refresh the brightness of light to medium colored hair without weighing down or leaving behind a white residue. The fresh floral fragrance of the formula also makes you feel like you just left the salon, though in reality you were probably on the train on the way to work or in the comfort of your own bathroom. All you need to do is to shake the bottle vigorously before usage, spray 6-8 inches away from your roots and let dry for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, massage the product into your roots to instantly absorb oil and brush through and style as you desire. For hair-wash days, use the EverPure Bond Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner to achieve the brightest blonde color of your dreams.

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