The Best of the Bobby Bones' Twitter Account

When it comes to speaking his mind on Twitter, Bobby Bones makes no bones about it.

Nashville radio DJ and show host Bobby Bones is best known for his popular morning show, aptly titled Bobby Bones Show. But he is perhaps second-best known for his outrageous Twitter account, where he muses on everything from college football to his role in the tumultuous radio industry. Fortunately for us, like many in the country biz, he's not all that afraid to speak his mind. Here are the best morsels from the Bobby Bones Twitter feed.

He has a sense of humor about royalty checks...

...and the radio industry in general.

He's just as confused by technology as the rest of us.

Like the folk hero he is, he frequently bucks authority.

His logic is flawless and compassionate.

He's absurdly charitable.

And he likes to get down and dirty.


But at the end of the day he loves music just as much as we do

Never leave Twitter, Bobby.

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The Best of the Bobby Bones' Twitter Account