Best BBQ to Order Online

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If you love barbecue, you know that real barbecue is hard to come by. Whether that means you're loyal to the sweet, molasses flavor of Kansas City BBQ but live in Florida, or the closest place to your house doesn't smoke ribs to your satisfaction — if you don't have access to what you like, you might as well not have access to any BBQ at all. Luckily, brisket and pork can now be added to the endless list of "things you can now get delivered to your house," because it's easy to order BBQ online for your next summer cookout. And we're talking the really good stuff — you can get it from real deal places like the Franklin Barbecue in Austin, or you can make your own with places that deliver cuts like Wagyu-grade American brisket right to your doorstep. We've scoured the web to find the best options for you and your family: and found all the best BBQ around, from Texas to Missouri and every type of meat from pork to sausage.

Our Favorite Ready-To-Eat Options

1. Best Special Occasion Feast: Franklin Barbecue

Franklin Barbecue Whole Brisket

Franklin Barbecue Whole Brisket + Sausage + BBQ Sauce - Goldbelly, $289

I've been to Franklin Barbecue a few times, and I know Austinites have some mixed reviews about it — as in, do you really want to wait hours on line when there are other just as fantastic BBQ spots near by with little to no wait? Maybe not — after all, hours on line means less time getting more food (queso, anyone?). But I can say it's some of the best I've tasted, so why not skip the line and have it delivered straight to your door? This package is not what I'd call cheap, but it feeds 10 and gets you a lot of food: a whole smoked brisket, their special BBQ sauce, and five sausages (which are a delicious beef/pork blend spiced with mustard seed). Gather a few friends, throw together simple sides like cornbread or coleslaw, and serve this with some margaritas. It'll be a party people never stop talking about. And if you want to try other Austin favorites out, our editorial director swears by Terry Black's. 

2. Best Subscription Box Option: CrowdCow

Southern Style St. Louis Ribs

Fully Cooked Southern Style St. Louis Ribs - Crowd Cow, $54.52

CrowdCow is a great option for those that like to grill but maybe don't have a smoker — because it gives you the option of creating a recurring subscription box that comes exactly when you want it (and there's not a membership fee, you only have to pay for the meat). It has ready-made options like this delicious, fork-tender rack of St. Louis Ribs, but it also has a plethora of meats you can cook yourself. Try out a box with Wagyu tri-tip, ground wild boar, venison, and lamb — and pair it with already made unique sides as well, like smoked beans or Beecher's mac and cheese. All of the meat is sustainably sourced from local farms, too.

3. Perfect for Sampling Everything: Joe's KC Barbecue

Joe's KC BBQ Slaughterhouse Five

Slaughterhouse Five Joe's KC BBQ Package - Goldbelly, $139.99

If you want to try popular spot Joe's KC BBQ — which is one of the most famous places for smoked meats in the country (you've probably seen it on TV) — and also happen to love a variety of different smoked meats, this is the perfect pick. This serves 8-10 hungry people and comes with some of their bestsellers: two pounds of pulled pork, one pound of sliced brisket, one pound of sausage, one pound of smoked turkey, 1.5 pounds of chopped brisket and pork in BBQ sauce, and two bottles of their signature sauce. If you're interested in trying out other BBQ spots from places, here are some of our other favorites that ship anywhere in the USA: Legendary Texas Brisket from Louie Mueller Barbecue, Carolina pulled pork from King's BBQ, and ribs and pulled pork from Central BBQ.

Our Favorite Ready-To-Smoke Options

1. Great for Families: Farm Foods Market 

Heritage Pork Belly

Heritage Pork Belly - Farm Foods Market, $25.99

Farm Foods Market is a great option for families, because it allows you to choose between individual cuts or boxes in small or large sizes that can be frozen and feed your family for a long while. They sell everything from wild-caught fish to grass-fed beef, and offer unique options like organ meat or beef fat as well. They also have full transparency from where they're sourcing their meat, and list all the farms your food is coming from on their website. Our pick for the smoker is this sustainably-raised, non-GMO Heritage pork that's given no antibiotics. This pork belly comes either skin on or skin off, and is uncured — meaning you can cure it yourself and turn it into bacon, or cut it into cubes and smoke it into crispy bliss.

2. Best Splurge: Snake River Farms

American Wagyu Black Grade Beef Brisket 

American Wagyu Black Grade Beef Brisket - Snake River Farms, $139+

Snake River Farms specializes in American Wagyu Beef, which they define as Japanese Wagyu cattle bred with American cows, resulting in a rich flavor and buttery fat marbling. These Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef Briskets are raised in the Northwest, where the mild climate helps to produce beef with rich fat marbling and the kind of brisket you'd submit into a BBQ competition. It comes in five-pound weight increases, so you can choose exactly the right size for your smoker. Try out their Kurobota pork line as well, which is made from Berkshire pigs.

3. If You've Already Got the Meat: Grill Masters Club

The Ultimate BBQ Experience

Grill Master's Club Subscription Box - Grill Masters Club, $32.99/mo +

If you already have a favorite butcher or local farm where you get your meat and you like to experiment with the smoker, this subscription box is perfect for you. It comes curated every single month with new products that will help you become an expert in all sorts of regional styles. In each box, you get BBQ sauce (anything from white sauce to blackberry), dry rub (from sweet to spicy to garlic), and specialty items to up your grilling game. Those can include anything from amazing hot sauces, to meat claws or grilling gloves. This makes a fantastic gift, and each box also includes recipes and tips to help you utilize the ingredients in the best way.

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