Map Shows Which U.S. Cities Have the Best and Worst Drivers


Alright, let's settle this. Who really drives the worst out of all of us? Do people in Texas really "Drive Friendly"? Are California drivers as bad as they say? Where are the best and worst drivers in the United States?

Thanks to insurance website QuoteWizard, we've got some stats to back up (or shoot down) those bad driver stereotypes. They even have a handy map plotting out the 10 best and 10 worst cities for driving. Let's just say visually, it doesn't look great for the Golden Coast. Four of the worst 10 cities for driving reside in Southern California.


But beyond the map, the site actually ranked the 75 biggest U.S. cities from worst to best. In other words, Detroit being on the bottom of a list is finally a good thing!

That's because the "Motor City" comes in as the city with the best drivers. How do we know? QuoteWizard used over two million data points from its website. These include accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs and other citations. Then they did a bunch of fancy adjustments to make sure the data seemed as fair as possible.

And now we can definitely say that Dallas has worse drivers than Houston. But honestly, not by much. Dallas comes in as the 56th-worst city on the list, while Houston comes in a few spots better at 60.

As the article notes, the two towns have a pretty strong rivalry. But they share quite a bit in common when it comes to overall driving habits. The only reason Dallas came in worse is a slightly higher accident rate.

And can you guess where the worst drivers in Texas are? Here's a hint: it's the city where the most Californians are moving. Yep, Austin comes in at 30th worst city to drive in.

Similarly, Nashville and Memphis don't have too much separating them, and they both do well in the grand scheme of things. Nashville ranks 44th-worst, while Memphis ranks 52nd.

Check out the full list of 75 cities and see where some other major cities land in the best and worst drivers ranking.

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Map Shows Which U.S. Cities Have the Best and Worst Drivers