Ben Haggard
Screengrab via YouTube

See Ben Haggard Cover His Dad's Classic Song 'Troubadour'

Ben Haggard knows first-hand that songs of drifters appeal to country audiences, whether the restless traveler in question is a cowboy, truck driver or musician. Famous father Merle Haggard understood and improved this trend, celebrating his less famous peers with the song "Troubadour," a deep cut that remained unreleased until 1994. Its classic sound and timeless topic could've made it a bigger deal for the Hag based on his son's recent rendition.

Merle's youngest son played in Dad's live band the Strangers from a young age. Since his father's passing, Ben has taken the family business' bus and band on the road. Currently, Ben's set consists of Merle's biggest hits. Lately, the only other songs in the set are classic covers by Johnny Cash and Blaze Foley. Ben plans to eventually start sneaking original material onto the set list.

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In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for similar videos from Ben Haggard.  He has posted quite a few that celebrate his father's generation and its lasting impact on popular culture. Or you could go see the youngest Haggard, as he's a true modern-day troubadour. Upcoming dates include three intimate dates with Kris Kristofferson, May 14, 15 and 16 at the Basement East in Nashville.

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