Belt Buckle Beer Holder

This Belt Buckle Beer Holder is Everything We Never Knew We Needed

ABC's Shark Tank strikes again with the belt buckle you never knew you needed. The BevBuckle will give you the perfect way to be hands-free all summer long. Sure you might look slightly ridiculous having your beer hanging off your pants, but whatever. Own it. You're the one at the bar with two free hands.

This beer belt doubles as a beer holster, belt buckle and bottle opener, so you can literally do anything and everything with a beer bottle. If you have any outdoor picnics coming up where there are limited places to sit, at least you know that the beer buckle will be able to hold your beer. Imagine all of the things you could do if you actually had two hands at social outings. Shaking hands with people you won't remember the next day; eating way too many hamburgers and s'mores. You can even have a secure way to hold your beer when you're out in a boat on the lake. Basically, you're prepared for all of the classic American summer pastimes.

Outside of the ridiculous nature of the belt buckle's purpose, it's actually a quality belt buckle. It has an antique silver finish and can fit all belts with a 1.5 inch belt bracket. You'll be the most stylish and prepared person at any Texas honky tonk or any summer party you attend this year. I'd say, out of anything, this would be the most helpful at an outdoor concert where you're just standing around in a sweaty crowd. Protect your beer and secure it in your built-in beer holder. You're setting yourself up for success so some drunk idiot doesn't crash into you and make you drop your already overpriced drink. Strategy!

So cheers to beers and cheers to the ultimate drink holder. But a fair warning from Amazon user Stewey:

"If you have a large 'beer' belly, it may interfere with being able to put the can of beer in the holder."

Find this belt buckle here.

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