Beloved Austin Venue up for Auction and the Bid Starts at $1

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One of Austin's more beloved downtown music venues is heading to the auction block. Live music club The Parish goes up for sale on eBay beginning Dec. 1 with a starting bid of $1.

Of course, the auction doesn't include the actual physical property. That's because that historic building in the heart of Austin's party scene on 6th street has a different owner.

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Instead, the eBay auction winner gets all of the branding rights to The Parish as well as all of its sound and light equipment. The 450-capacity venue drew all kind of genres of acts thanks to its reputation for great sound and vibe. Even if artists had to schlep their gear up to the second story from the tiny downtown Austin alley.

The space also hosted several important events over the years, from CMA Songwriter Series performances to comedy festivals to PBS specials.

The Parish brand and equipment is currently owned by ATX Brands. That company owns a variety of restaurants and music venues but recently sold much of its music property to focus on restaurants, including the Bikini's chain.

ATX Brands recently sold another venue, Scoot Inn, to concert promoter C3. The company also made headlines when it sold historic Texas dancehall Schroeder Hall on eBay. That venue went for just south of $500,000.

Serious bidders for The Parish can also request a private viewing of the space during the 10 days it's up for auction. Other physical pieces the winning bidder gets include a projection system and venue furniture. But there is a catch. The winner is also expected to sign a separate lease with the building owner on predetermined rates.

Let's hope the winner has a keen eye for talent. The Parish is one of the few venues on 6th street that provides a truly professional experience for both bands and fans.

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Beloved Austin Venue up for Auction and the Bid Starts at $1