Video Premiere: Bella White Ponders Regrets on 'The Hand of Your Raising'

Sheena Zillinski

"Is it your nature to be kind or just the hand of your raising?" Canadian singer-songwriter Bella White asks on the gorgeous, yearning "The Hand of Your Raising," the latest release from her forthcoming album Just Like Leaving (out on Sept. 25).

"I hated for you to leave like that/ But I watched you go out nonetheless," White sings. "Now I feel red like the carpet on my bedroom floor/ Full of loaded words and nothing I ain't heard from you before."

The song captures the ache, confusion and questions left unanswered after a breakup.

"I wrote 'The Hand Of Your Raising' in an emotional haze and honestly barely remember writing the thing," White tells Wide Open Country. "It's definitely, to me at least, a sad song. A song about regret and longing, maybe wondering if you've made the wrong decision, or if there ever even was a decision worth making at all. It's about what ifs, what could be, and what won't be."

Watch the video for "The Hand of Your Raising" below.

Born in Calgary, Alberta to a family with roots in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, White was raised on the high lonesome sounds of Bill Monroe and Doc Watson -- a tradition she's proud to carry on with her debut album.

White released the debut single from Just Like Leaving, "Broke (When I Realized)," earlier this year.

For more information on Bella White, visit her official website.

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Video Premiere: Bella White Ponders Regrets on 'The Hand of Your Raising'