Adorable Kid Sings 'Beer Never Broke My Heart' to the Delight of Luke Combs


You might say that Luke Combs is beyond tickled over one of his recent social media discoveries.

On Monday (July 5) the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry cast shared a brief clip of a little blonde-haired and barefoot boy's rendition of "Beer Never Broke My Heart."

The little guy strums along and adds a little extra vocal twang--unless, of course, he talks like his musical hero--with surprising conviction from someone far south of 21.

"Sing it buddy! Watch out for that spider though!!," wrote Combs, referencing a toy spider on the kitchen floor.

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It's the Instagram version of that cute childhood photo of you in western wear--You know the one. Secondly, it sheds some light into how far Combs' songs have seeped into our culture. In a few short years, he's gone from the favorite of country fans in tune with the next big thing to the source of songs known by everyone from little kids to great, great grandparents.

"Beer Never Broke My Heart" makes sense as a kid in a country music household's favorite earworm. Combs wrote the song with Randy Montana and Jonathan Singleton. It's been a fan favorite since Combs debuted it as an acoustic number in early 2018. It was released on May 8, 2019 as the first single off Combs' The Prequel EP. The song currently sits atop the Billboard Country Airplay chart. It's Combs' sixth straight chart-topper.

If Combs' most exuberant young fan also digs Angry Birds, he's in luck. Combs recently shared "Let's Just Be Friends," a song from The Angry Birds Movie 2. The upbeat, clap-along tune written by Combs, Jonathan Singleton and Jessi Alexander serves two desired purposes: It's another rocking country crowd-pleaser for grown-ups wanting to hoist their red Solo cups during Combs' set, and its lyrics tell a kid-friendly message of acceptance.

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Adorable Kid Sings 'Beer Never Broke My Heart' to the Delight of Luke Combs