Learn How to Play Beer Golf

If your favorite pastimes include golfing and beer pong, your wildest dream has come true: beer golf.

This tutorial is a double whammy if you’re a fan of the hit television series “The Office,” because Kevin Malone (aka Brian Baumgartner) shows you the ropes to beer golf in this video made by Celebrities in Golf Carts.

Grab a partner, a designated caddy and let’s get started.

You’ll need 12 pitchers, copious amounts of beer and a week to recover from the subsequent hangover if your swing is off. Assemble two racks of pitchers in a 3-2-1 formation, side by side, about 5 feet apart.


Stand about 10 yards away and take turns chipping the ball into a beer-filled pitcher in your rack. Like in beer pong, your partner drinks what you hit, but the game ends with sinking three pitchers. As Kevin learns, bouncing in counts.

It’s harder than it looks, and in the spirit of living to see another day, be nice to your partner and realize the negative health repercussions of drinking six pitchers of beer, i.e. drink responsibly.

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Learn How to Play Beer Golf