The 'Beer Can House' of Texas Could Be Lost Forever

For Louis Torres, the 'beer can house' was his home and his hobby. For over 20 years, the people of Fort Worth would pass the house and stare in awe at the beer cans decorating the yard and home. Recently, however, Torres sold the home.

Between "Currie and Whitmore streets," no one could miss the beer can house that is decorated with thousands of beer cans, as reported by WFAA. Torres is a retired Lockheed Martin employee who thinks of the decorations as his hobby. That could all change now, however, as he sold the home.

"The area is undergoing a massive redevelopment. His home is literally the only one on the block that isn't leveled," which means that demolition will likely come to the beloved 'beer can house,' a representation of Torres' hobby and passion.

Torres called the lot home for over 60 years and his parents gifted it to him when they passed away. The "cans are laced from the chain-link fence to the house to an outdoor 'bar' and to other shrubs."

If you want to catch a glimpse of the 'beer can house,' be sure to do so in the next two weeks as Torres doesn't hand over his beloved keys until then. In the meantime, soak up the Texas feeling of this neighborhood gem before it's gone forever.

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The 'Beer Can House' of Texas Could Be Lost Forever