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Beer-Can Cabbage is the Barbecued Delicacy You've Been Missing

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You've probably heard of beer-can turkey and beer-can chicken. Chances are you've also whipped up a delicious beer batter for an old-fashioned fish fry. However, beer has the amazing ability to transform almost anything into a barbecue delicacy, including cabbage.

That's right: cabbage. While it's not a go-to barbecue menu item, maybe it should be. And if you happen to be a Texas Czech you probably already have a fondness for these hearty heads of flavor and culture.

Katherine Sacks from Epicurious certainly knows some of this vegetable's secrets. She started thinking about the lack of meat-free options at barbecues during the summer months. She realized there's a total lack of excitement in that department. Enter the beer-can cabbage. As she says, "Vegetarians deserve something big, something stunning, something entrée size."

First of all, she hulls out the center of the cabbage and props it on a beer can. The flavor of the beer slowly seeps into the cabbage, leaving behind rich, moist flavor. Next, she amps up the barbecue flavor and bastes it every 15 minutes with barbecue sauce. As a result, the leaves stay moist and soften naturally. Then, she lets the grill do the rest of the work.

Finally, she finishes off this creative masterpiece on a soft kaiser role with freshly made slaw, cheese, and jalapeños. You can find her detailed recipe at Epicurious. Only dare to cook this if you're ready to be converted into a cabbage-loving fool.

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Beer-Can Cabbage is the Barbecued Delicacy You've Been Missing