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Massive Bee Infestation Leaves Texas Home with Honey-Soaked Walls

Houston resident Latanja Lavine is still cleaning up after finding a massive bee infestation behind the walls of her home. Workers found a hive held that held around 50,000 bees that left her walls soaked with honey.

Latanja tells CW39 that the trouble started when she needed a simple roof repair. When the roofing company showed up to complete the project, they discovered the hidden hive of bees. Naturally, they told Latanjathat she would need to take care of the bees before they could begin work. So workers closed up the hole where the bees were getting in.

After the construction workers finished the project, Latanja returned to her home to find a huge mess. Honey was coming in through the ceiling and dripping down her walls. Every small crack or crevice in her walls and ceiling allows the honey to pour down and puddle on the floor.


Sadly, Latanya is having a lot difficulty when it comes to cleaning up this huge mess. While the work on the outside of her home may be complete, it will take quite some time to repair the damage left behind by the bees. Luckily, experts relocated the bees to a secure location where they can no longer bother humans.

However, Latanya still has an issue that could cause her problems in the future - the Queen Bee is still missing. So, while the construction crew removed most of the hive, it's possible that the queen could amass a new army to take over Latanya's home once again. Hopefully, the Queen will stay away and Latanya will be able to move past this disaster.

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