Becky Warren Champions Underdogs at 'The Drake Motel'

When looking for inspiration for her new album Undesirable, out Oct. 18, Americana rocker Becky Warren introduced herself to vendors for Nashville's The Contributor, a local street paper that fights poverty and homelessness by allowing the underprivileged to sell copies on street corners around town.

For new song "The Drake Motel" and its music video, her friend and co-star Shawn Lesley served as her muse. Lesley is known around town for both his gig with The Contributor and his Kings and Queens clothing line. At times, he's struggled for the basic housing needs and daily meals most take for granted and saw any additional income opportunities as blessings.

Beyond its touching backstory, the song stands on its own as a tale about coping with guilt, loss and alienation. Just as her solo debut War Surplus told universal truths through the lens of a war veteran's experiences, Warren keeps on looking to the fractured edges of society for stories that speak for listeners, regardless of the hand they've been dealt by life.

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Warren and producer and guitarist Dan Knobler (Rodney Crowell, Lake Street Drive) teamed up to create the ideal follow-up to a debut album that garnered critical praise. For an additional taste of what's to come, look up lead single "We're All We've Got," featuring celebrity guest vocalist, American songwriter and Indigo Girl Amy Ray.

As the countdown to the album's release date continues, consider catching Warren's live set during Americanafest or at one of her other forthcoming dates.

Becky Warren Tour Dates

Sept. 13 -- Nashville, Tenn. -- Fond Object

Sept. 14 -- Nashville, Tenn. -- City Winery (official Americanafest showcase)

Sept. 15 -- Nashville, Tenn. -- Martin's BBQ (Boo Ray's Americana Review)

Oct. 8 -- Alexandria, Va. -- The Birchmere

Oct. 9 -- Brooklyn, N.Y. -- Pete's Candy Store

Oct. 18 -- St. Petersburg, Fla. -- The Ale and The Witch

Oct. 26 -- Nashville, Tenn. -- The High Watt (Album Release Show)

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Becky Warren Champions Underdogs at 'The Drake Motel'