This Beautiful Mansion is on the Market for Just $10, But There's a Catch


A beautiful, historic home in Montclair, N.J. is up for sale with the amazing price tag of just $10. But naturally, there is a catch. The Dudley S. Van Antwerp-designed home cannot stay at its current location, so the buyer will have to move it to a new plot of land.

The home is a century-old mansion with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. There are about 500 in the area that Antwerp designed, and they are all beautiful. This one still has its gorgeous original details on the inside, including hardwood floors and beamed ceilings.

According to, the current owners of the property plan to develop it into multiple homes. However, they could not let the beauty of the home already on the land simply disappear. So, they came up with a plan to continue with their redevelopment while keeping the home intact. That's where the new buyers come in. Whoever buys the home for the low asking price will have the responsibility of moving it to a new location.

Moving the home won't be easy, considering the house is a 3,912-square foot mansion built in 1906. But, its beauty and charm are well worth the effort. Plus, the sellers are giving whoever buys the home $10,000 to help with the move. However, to buy the home, you must be willing to only move it within a quarter mile of its original location.


Still, if you're not afraid of taking on a major fixer upper, this dream home might be worth all the hard work. You can find more information on this unique property at

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