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Video Premiere: Beau + Luci's Haunting Cover of Emmylou Harris' 'Deeper Well'

Sister duo Beau + Luci know how to haunt you. The 18 and 21-year-old (respectively) pair exemplify that effect in their new video for "Deeper Well."

Filmed in Sky Valley, Ga. and Highlands, N.C., the clip perfectly captures an almost mystical feeling. Swooping shots of nature intersperse with the sisters while they sing the cautionary lyrics of the tune.

Originally written and recorded by Emmylou Harris, "Deeper Well" explores the darker corners of desire and addiction. It's a tough subject for anybody, much less the young sisters. But the "old soul" vibes help the sisters deliver the song with deftness.

"The first time I heard 'Deeper Well,' the lyrics, combined with Emmylou Harris's performance, took hold of me," Luci says. "And it's been one of my favorite songs ever since."

Beau agrees. "[Harris] excels at portraying something even deeper than the words that she's singing and making you really feel what it is she was feeling when she wrote the song," Beau says.

Check out our exclusive premiere of the beautiful video below.

One thing that really helps make Beau + Luci's version their own is the tempo. By introducing the chugging guitar line and picking up the speed a bit, the pair adds a whole new feeling to the song.

And of course, their spot-on harmonies that were solidified during their time together in a worship group don't hurt either.

The sisters since teamed up with producer Dan Hannon, known for his work with alternative rockers Manchester Orchestra, among others. In their debut EP, Beau + Luci offer several other inspired covers of artists including One Direction and Arctic Monkeys. The eclectic collection holds together by their unique folk-rock style.

But they also give listeners their first taste of original music, including debut single "Fire Dancer," which drops Friday, Jan. 27. The southern Georgia natives appear ready to burst onto the scene with their enticing mix of rock n' roll, folk and country.

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