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This BBQ Bacon Bomb Will Leave your Tastebuds Singing


There’s nothing quite as wonderful as bacon. As if we didn’t already love this food as much as possible, the guys over at BBQ Pit Boys have used it create something amazing, the Bacon Bomb.

Using some thick cut bacon, three pounds of fresh ground pork, bell peppers, onion, pork rub, cheese and homemade barbecue sauce, the guys quickly create an amazing meatloaf that anyone will love. Check out the full instructions in the video below.

This recipe is fairly simple to create. After dicing your veggies, putting the loaf together is a simple process. The meatloaf is easy to customize, so you can add in as many flavors as you wish.

Regardless of your ingredients, the most exciting part comes with the addition of the bacon. After you roll your meatloaf, wrap it in bacon weave (more instructions here) and smother in pork rub. Then transfer the loaf to your smoker or grill and cook low and slow for 3 hours.

This meatloaf is perfect for just about any occasion and offers a unique and tantalizing take on this comfort food.

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This BBQ Bacon Bomb Will Leave your Tastebuds Singing