Baton Rouge Food Bank Devastated by Flooding Receives Christmas Miracle

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Many have been quick to forget, or even acknowledge the devastating floods that occurred in Louisiana recently. The flood took place during the Rio Olympics and the heart of the Presidential race. It was hard to find news coverage on the devastation outside of the banner ticker on TV.

The flooding left nearly 20,000 people displaced from their homes, and three people dead. The flooding was by and away the most devastating natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy. The damage was extensive, with important disaster relief outlets in need of help, too. One relief center that desperately needed assistance was the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. The food bank lost all of its stock, but managed to find certain spaces to continue providing.

Even with their own devastation to deal with, five Baton Rouge food bank workers continued to put others before themselves. Yvonne Harwell, Johnny Herman, Wendi Nelms, Fred Thomas, and Costello Robinson all lost their homes in the floods. Their loss never stopped them, though, as they continued to work at the food bank. After months of working tirelessly and sleeping on air mattresses, their good deeds were rewarded.

After not missing a single day of work due to the flooding, Walmart stepped in and provided for the employees. Despite donating $100,000 to the food bank in August, Walmart donated another $100,000 to match. Walmart also gifted all five food bank employees home goods, toys, and necessities needed most.

If that's not a Christmas miracle, then I don't what is.

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Baton Rouge Food Bank Devastated by Flooding Receives Christmas Miracle