15 Bartenders Reveal the Most Bizarre Things They've Heard from Drunk Customers

If you've worked in the food or service industry before, you know that there's something about your relationship to customers that makes them feel comfortable. When I worked at Great Harvest Bakery in Boulder, Colorado, I was privy to many customers' stories as I made sandwiches or whipped up lattés. As a manager of retail boutique in Pennsylvania, I talked to many a heartbroken customer looking for the perfect "rebounding from a breakup" dress.

When it comes to customer service, people behind the counters often offer a listening ear to problems, complaints, and even dreams for the future. If there's one group, though, that is more in sync with their customers than the rest, it's certainly bartenders. As regulars and newbies alike cozy up to bars everywhere, they have stories to tell. In a recent AskReddit thread, user manaustin asked: "Bartenders of reddit, what are some of the things drunk people have told you while completely hammered?"

Here are the best responses. Some answers contain explicit language.

1. Is it cool to joke about Freddy Kreuger?

2. When you outperform the psychic...


3. Just a little monkey business.


4. When the martinis are that good...


5. All steroid talk is TMI.


6. The Designated Driver speaks.


7. A case of the extremely classy customer. Not.


8. The sexual tension is palpable.


9. This will scar you forever.


10. When the roles reverse and kindness follows.


11. When the customer is looking out for ya, after all.


12. A positive career sign.


13. Remorse and grief run deep.

14. You can't buy class.


15. When you get an eerie feeling...


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