From The Barn to The Bar: How to Easily Change Your Look From Day to Night

Any fashionable country woman knows that you don't wear the same outfit in the cornfields as you do in the dance hall. There are some pieces that can be worn for both a daytime and evening look, but the transition usually requires making a few changes to your ensemble.

Whether you are going to a dinner party, having a date night, or hitting the bar scene, you can use the main pieces from your daytime outfit and change up a few things to be evening ready.

I've put together three different day-to-night looks that show how simple it is to go from barnyard beauty to bar-hopping babe.

Classic Country to Sexy Country



Let's say your daytime look is casual and country, and you want to create something for nighttime that is sexier.

How to change your look from day to night:

  • Add a lace camisole to wear under the button down shirt, which should remain unbuttoned.
  • Switch out the casual cowgirl boots for some sexy ombre pumps.
  • Trade in the suede fringe bag for a shiny evening clutch.
  • Take away the head wrap and replace it with fun silver jewelry.

Summer Country to Sassy Country

Maybe you're rockin' a summer sundress during the day and want to dress up your look for evening.
How to change your look from day to night:
  • Switch out the classic denim jacket for a classy khaki jacket.
  • Change the cowgirl boots to a pair of tan suede pumps.
  • Trade in the trendy flamingo bag for a fun evening bag.
  • Get rid of the cowgirl hat.
  • Add more jewelry, and choose pieces that are dressier.

 Corporate Country to Classy Country

The day to night transition is something that many women want to make when they have plans for hitting the bar after work. Pack a small bag to take with you to the office, and then easily take your look from corporate to cool by making these changes:
  • Get rid of those trousers and wear an edgy leather skirt (fringe is big this year).
  • Trade in your binding blazer for a badass leather jacket.
  • Switch out those boring flats for a pair of fun fringe ankle boots.
  • Throw your evening must-haves in a small clutch, instead of a larger bag.
*Note: you can wear the same jewelry for both daytime and evening, since the rest of the ensemble is full of textured pieces that add dimension to your outfit.

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From The Barn to The Bar: How to Easily Change Your Look From Day to Night