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This Barbecue Grill Made From a Tin Can Lets You Cook on the Go

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Need a quick way to cook some hot dogs or sausages? YouTuber Dave Has is here to save the day with his that teaches you how to make a BBQ grill out of a tin can.

To make it, you simply need a large tin can and some tools for cutting. Start by using a can opener to cut off the metal rim around the edge. Then, you can cut the can's sides into strips using scissors. At this point, you need to shape the can into the right shape, line it with aluminum foil and throw in some charcoal.

After the charcoal is at the right temperature, use the cooling rack as your cooking surface and get to grilling.

When you are using this grill, make sure you place it somewhere safe. You will also want to avoid cutting yourself on the sharp edges of the can.

This grill is great for going camping, but you could also use it in an emergency situation. You can even cook quite a bit on it, which makes it great for a party. Plus, it's disposable, so the cleanup will be minimal.

So, the next time you find yourself looking for a fun new way to cook some hot dogs, give this trick a try. You will love the process of building this awesome mini grill, and the tasty food is a great bonus.

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This Barbecue Grill Made From a Tin Can Lets You Cook on the Go