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This Bandera Bank Might Be the Most Cowboy Bank in Texas

One bank in Bandera, Texas is making sure the town cowboys have a place to tie up their horses. According to KVUE, the Wells Fargo bank has placed hitching posts outside the bank so visitors can trot their way up to the ATM.

Customers on horseback are even encouraged to ride their horses right through the drive thru. Naturally, plenty of local cowboys are taking advantage of the posts.

So why would a bank decide to channel the Wild West and put up hitching posts? A long-term customer of theirs also happens to be a champion trick roper who loves to ride horseback.

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And even though the town of Bandera only has 827 people living there, it calls itself the "Texas Cowboy Capital of the World" for a good reason. Many residents can be seen riding their horses all around town on a daily basis.

Now, those local customers will have a place to keep their animals safe while they take care of business inside the bank.

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