The Band Perry Releases Triumphant 'Comeback' Single

The Band Perry

The Band Perry are back. And in their triumphant new single "Comeback Kid," their message is simple. They never left.

Five months ago, news broke that The Band Perry parted ways with former label Big Machine. Given the band's already massive commercial and critical success after two albums, most people scratched their heads at the split.

Everybody had opinions on the move, including us. But now the sibling trio finally gets to tell their side of the story, the best way the know how: a song.

Written by the band and produced by up-and-coming Los Angeles producer Benny Cassette, "Comeback Kid" gets right to the point. "They like to kick you when you're down," sings Kimberly Perry. "They like it better when you're there on the ground; and up til now I've never made a sound."

The direction the band chose to go on the song is flawlessly representative of their past, present and future. It captures the emotional intensity of tunes like "Live Forever," but with the softer country sensibilities underscored in their debut album. Lyrically, "Comeback Kid" maintains the clever turns and sincerity expressed in Pioneer. The production is both unique to them and accessible to the commercial world.

In other words, they're actually thinking about the music they release.

There's even a nod to the band's breakout single "If I Die Young" in the second verse. It's the kind of moment that shows just how much care the band puts into their craft, a cohesiveness most artists forget when searching through thousands of outside songs to cut.

Exactly one year ago today, the band released "Live Forever." Though the pop-heavy tune won over fans, it didn't quite get the support it needed to win over the rest of the country market.

Over the next few months, the band's forthcoming album never came out. Shortly after announcing the split from the label, they took to Facebook to reassure fans they weren't going anywhere.

They teased new music for over a week, revealing clips and lyric snippets on social media. In one clip, the eldest Perry even revealed she changed her color to brown. She later revealed it was a sign of unity with her brothers.

They then surprised fans by premiering the song a few hours before its release to fans on a Facebook live stream. And now they're hosting a 24-hour live stream on their Facebook page detailing their whirlwind day promoting the new single.

The Band Perry also announced an exciting partnership between Interscope Records and Universal Music Group Nashville. The deal allows the band to live in both the country and pop worlds, where their music has always felt at home.

With their new single, The Band Perry found that beautiful sweet spot between staying true to yourself and refusing to stay in the past.

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The Band Perry Releases Triumphant 'Comeback' Single