Screengrab via YouTube

You've Been Applying Band-Aids Wrong Your Entire Life


Scrapes and cuts happen. Whether you're working outdoors or simply wrapping a birthday present, it's easy to find yourself in need of a band-aid. Sometimes it can be tricky to know the best way of applying your band-aid so it won't come off or leave your injury unprotected.

Thankfully, YouTube user CrazyRussianHacker is at it again. He shows us the actual, correct way to apply band-aids based on where on our hand the injury is. In addition, he samples four placements of hand injuries and gives great tips on how to apply the band-aid yourself, lest you have to call in an overly-concerned family member to help.

My favorite hack is the first one he shows: the tip o'finger cut. It can be easily solved by snipping the band-aid with scissors into an hourglass shape so that there is no hole at the top of your finger. This also seals the entire wound, preventing water or, dare we say it, lemon juice from dripping into the cut.

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If you find yourself unsure of your knife skills, memorize these hacks. If disaster strikes, you'll still be set to continue all by yourself.