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Ball Pits for Toddlers: Affordable & Endless Entertainment Kids Will Love

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Places are starting to open up! Still, some are wary of spreading COVID. I completely understand. This might prevent kids from experiencing amusement parks, playgrounds, and arcades.

Surely these shared play areas were quite gross before the pandemic, so it's no surprise some kiddos still haven't experienced the fun of a ball pit. However, it's time to change that and let the little ones create fun memories in a plastic ball pit from home. DIY ball pits for kids are year-round fun for toddlers. Take them outside during spring and summer, or bring the fun in the living room or game room when it starts cooling down.

These supplies are budget-friendly, which is perfect for parents on a tight budget. Crush-proof BPA plastic balls and a high-quality pit will last quite a while.

Are Ball Pits Safe for Babies?

Always check for recommended ages by the manufacturer anytime you buy toys for children. It's a great habit to make as a parent. There are several opinions when it comes to DIY ball pits for children. Six months and up is a popular age range for pits. However, you also know your child best.

If they cannot sit up on their own, consider ball pits when they are older and have developed their motor skills. It's not worth risking if you don't feel 100% comfortable (even with adult supervision). If you feel confident that your baby or toddler will have safe fun in their new ball pit, go for it. Here's everything you need for a DIY ball pit.

Best Ball Pit Supplies for Kids

1. 7 Piece Play Tunnel And Tent For Kids

This kid's play tent & crawl tunnel is the ultimate hideout for toddlers. You can use it in the playroom and the backyard for outdoor play. It's equipped with tunnels, a ball pit, basketball hoops, dart balls, a tent, and more.

Playtime just got even better! It's perfect for kids who need a break from the trampoline! You can find it in stock at Amazon. (BPA-free balls are not included.)

2. MEOWBABY Foam Ball Pit 200 Balls Included

This toddler ball pit is ideal for small spaces. Since it's made of foam, it's safe for kids who like to jump! Of course, with adult supervision. The recommended age for this product is for a baby one-year-old or older.

The Amazon reviews are amazing. Parents are leaving reviews about how much their one-year-olds and toddlers love the round ball pit. They're also impressed with the design and size. It's 11.81 x 35.43 x 35.43 inches, making it a great size for small living rooms or game rooms.

200 plastic balls are included.

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3. Eocolz Kids Ball Pit Large Pop Up Childrens Ball Pits Tent for Toddlers

This is Amazon's #1 best seller in kids' ball pits. The ball pool has a basketball hoop, which is perfect for developing motor skills! The seller recommends that babies be at least one to enjoy the ball pit play tent. Safety first, y'all. If you're an aunt or uncle purchasing for a niece or nephew, be sure that the child is old enough to use it.

It's also extremely budget-friendly. Grab the ball pit tent for only $20. Be sure to buy a pack of plastic BPA-free balls. An Amazon customer said 200 plastic balls was enough for their toddler.

4. Intex Inflatable Ball Pit Bounce House

This bouncer combines the fun of bounce houses and ball pit play! This is a fantastic birthday gift idea, or better yet, a great kids' play tent for birthday parties! It comes with an electric air pump and is safe. The inflatable floor and high walls create a safe bouncing platform.

It looks like two small toddlers can enjoy bouncing at the same time. Three might be too much, especially if you add plenty of plastic balls.

5. Pack of 500 2.3-Inch No BPA Phthalate Non-Toxic Play Pit

Here's a great deal on 500 plastic balls! This will fill a large play space or two small pits. Get them for $80.

6. TRENDBOX 100 Pcs Colorful Ball Pit Balls for Babies

For smaller pits, consider packs of 100. I highly recommend finding color-coordinated plastic balls to match party themes. The pink and white balls are too cute.

This post was originally published on September 10, 2021.