Baking Tools That Will Change Any Home Baker's Pie Making Game

Spring has arrived, which means fresh flowers, fruits, and pies! Pie-making is a perfect way to use all the fresh fruits the season has to bring. Whether you are an expert baker or just starting, a few essential baking tools will make pie baking a breeze.

While you probably already have a rolling pin in your kitchen, other pie essentials such as a bench scraper or weights might be new additions to your culinary toolbox.

So if you're ready to step your baking game up from the freezer aisle, take a look at our list of must-have pie baking tools.

Baking Tools for Pies

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A Pastry Blender

While the easiest way to make pie dough is with a stand mixer or food processor, you can also use a dough blender to work the butter into the dough by hand.

Mixing Bowls

To keep all your pie ingredients organized and readily available, you'll want to have a couple of glass or stainless steel mixing bowls around in multiple sizes. Also, make sure to have a large bowl to mix your dough if you aren't using a stand mixer.

Measuring Cups

The most crucial part of pie making is ensuring you get the flour and water measurements just right. You will need measuring cups and spoons for both the dry and wet ingredients to do so.

Baking Mat with Measurements

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For an easy way to get the perfect-sized pie crust, use a silicone pastry mat. These nonstick mats come with circular measurements ranging from 6-12" in diameter, so you can precisely measure and roll out your dough instead of guessing and messing up your countertops.

A Rolling Pin

A good rolling pin is necessary for achieving the perfect pie crust. Rolling pins are available in various types, such as marble, wooden, or tapered, but they all work the same. A glass wine bottle will also do the trick if you're in a pinch without a rolling pin.

Bench Scraper With Measurements

A bench scraper is a handy tool to help measure and shape your pie dough when rolling it out and remove any remaining dough or flour stuck to your countertops when cleaning up.

A Pie Dish

To bake your pie, you'll need a dish. A standard pie pan is 9.5-inches in size and comes in aluminum, ceramic, or glass. The type of dish depends on your preference or appearance, but ceramic is great for serving, and glass allows you to easily see when the bottom is done and for a crispier crust.

Pie Weights

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To prevent your pie crust from shrinking or shifting when blind baking, you'll need something to weigh down the dough. If you are a frequent baker, you might want to invest in a set of reusable pie weights. However, using dried beans or lining the dough with aluminum foil will also work to keep your crust shape in place.

A Pastry Wheel

If you're topping your pie with a lattice or decorative crust, a double-sided pastry wheel will help to cut even strips or designs out of dough. In addition, the double wheels give you the option of making a straight cut or using the ruffled edge for a pattern.

A Pastry Brush

The secret to achieving that picture-perfect shiny, golden pie crust is to brush your dough with an egg wash. This is where a pastry brush comes in. They come in different sizes and can be used to glaze your crust and to dust any extra flour off your pie.

Pie Server

Once you have the perfect pie, you'll need a pie server to get the right slice. While you could absolutely use are regular knife, a server will make it easier to slice and serve your pie evenly.

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