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What Is Taco Bell’s Baja Blast and Where to Try it For Yourself

Many a taco-lover has revelled in the magical combination of a Crunchwrap Supreme and a fruity, refreshing Baja Blast. However, few have stopped to question how this heavenly combo came to be. Some prefer to leave it a mystery and simply enjoy the medley of flavors, but we find that understanding the story behind a favorite food or drink makes it all the more delicious.

When it comes to Baja Blasts, the story involves a historical moment for the fast food industry and a genius combination of flavors that garnered a whole lot of sales and a cult following. Here's the history behind this beloved Taco Bell drink and where to buy it to enjoy its tropical, addicting flavor.

What is Baja Blast?

Baja Blast is a tropical lime-flavored soft drink under the Mountain Dew brand. Along with being a refreshing drink that tastes amazing with your favorite Taco Bell order, this soda is special for being the first soft drink sold exclusively at a fast food chain. Although this has since changed, Baja Blast was originally only available at Taco Bell, making it a special for its limited accessibility. Here's the history of this beloved soft drink and where you can enjoy it today.

The Story Behind the Baja Blast

Baja Blast

Taco Bell

This tropical lime Pepsico drink was first released in August 2004 and was only available at Taco Bell locations throughout the United States, marking the first time in history that a beverage company and fast food chain had united to create a proprietary beverage. As we know now, the results were amazing.

The blue-green soft drink was created specifically to pair with Mexican-inspired food, which is why it tastes so darn delicious when being guzzled down with a Beefy Melt Burrito in hand. Along with being created to pair with Taco Bell items, it was designed with the goal of increasing drive-thru beverage sales.

Baja Blast was magical in its ability to win the hearts of both Taco Bell customers and Mountain Dew lovers. Because of this, it gained a cult following in the years after its creation. The drink's popularity led it to eventually be released in stores in bottles and cans in 2014, allowing more of its fans to enjoy it whenever the craving hits.

Baja Blast lovers don't adore this drink for its nutritious value, but for its beautiful oceanic color and its sweet, tropical flavor. If you're on a diet or looking to cut back on artificial flavors, you'll want to stick with water or iced tea. However, for those who are in it for the taste and not the nutritional value, the Baja Blast is the perfect drink to wash down your Taco Bell with

Baja Blast Flavors and Where to Buy Them

There have been many iterations of the original Baja Blast over the years, from Baja Flash to Baja Punch to Baja Blast Zero Sugar. However, only a few flavors are available at any given time, and this summer fans will get to enjoy Baja Blast, Baja Mango Gem, and Baja Gold. In June 2022, Mountain Dew will be releasing Baja Blast, Baja Mango Gem and Baja Gold in stores. Fans will be able to find the sweet beverages on shelves in department stores like Target and Walmart, along with most grocery stores. You can also experience Baja Blast Zero Sugar at Taco Bell, ideal for those looking to cut back on sugar.

Baja Blast is the classic tropical lime flavor that Taco Bell fans know and love, but Baja Mango Gem and Baja Gold are switching it up from the original. Baja Mango adds a mango twist to the original flavor, while Baja Gold will have notes of sweet pineapple. I don't know about you, but nothing sounds more like summer than sipping on a pineapple-flavored soft drink while savoring a Burrito Supreme. 

Baja Blast Flavors of the Past

Although there are only three available flavors at the moment, Baja Blast has been around for almost two decades, and fans remember the flavors that have come and gone. Here are all the past flavors of this well-loved soft drink:

  • Baja Blast Freeze
  • Baja Blast Twisted Freeze
  • Baja Blast Birthday Freeze
  • Baja Blast Cherry Smash Freeze
  • Baja Blast Colada Freeze
  • Diet Baja Blast
  • Baja Blast Non-Alcoholic Bubbly
  • Baja Blast Zero Sugar
  • Hard Mountain Dew Baja Blast
  • Mountain Dew Energy (Baja Blast)
  • Baja Punch
  • Baja Flash

This post was originally published on November 29, 2021.

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